Point Breeze Credit Union

A credit union website that makes banking a breeze

At Point Breeze Credit Union, they’re all about easy, reliable banking. And nothing says easy, reliable banking more than a website filled with financial education, resources and tools, easy-to-understand product information, convenient money management solutions, and more. Focused on creating a timeless experience that will adapt to changing environments, the new Point Breeze Credit Union website puts their members first.
increase in average engagement time (one month post launch)

Making it easy for members to find what they need

  • The new website architecture creates an intuitive path for visitors to find what they are looking for, quickly and easily.
  • Strategically positioned promotions increase visibility of related financial solutions and further engage visitors to deepen overall wallet share.
  • Contextual financial resources, tools and education – such as articles and FAQs – help users choose the right products based on their specific interests.

Creating website content that consumers actually want to read

  • Bullets and content bands paired with engaging icons and imagery create a very visual and interactive content experience.
  • The website features a custom blog with filtering capabilities and flexibility that makes it easy for Point Breeze Credit Union to provide fresh financial education to website visitors. 
  • Website content was written with members in mind -- considering their needs, wants, questions and concerns.
We set out to design a new website with one thing top of mind, our members. The team at ZAG Interactive helped us to create a site that is visually appealing, engaging, and functional for our members who look to us for easy, reliable banking solutions. The site architecture was carefully thought out, and SEO and ADA considerations were included throughout, making it easier for all our members and prospective members to find what they need. We are thrilled with the result and know this website will be a wonderful resource for Point Breeze members for years to come.
Genie Briggs, Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing

A beautiful design that’s more than just good looks

  • The responsive website design creates a warm, welcoming and hassle-free experience, building confidence, trust and relatability.
  • Effective use of design elements creates an immersive journey that guides the user throughout the page and deeper into the product experience.  
  • Personal and relatable imagery along with illustrative icons allow for quick and successful communication with members. 
  • Representation of the local area highlights Point Breeze Credit Union’s sense of community.
Brand colors, patterns, textures, imagery and other visuals bring Point Breeze’s personality to life.

Before & After

Use the slider below to see the before and after design.
Before After

Content strategy that supports awareness and conversion

  • SEO supports visibility in search results, increasing awareness at important stages of the consumer journey and driving valuable website traffic.
  • A conversion-focused landing page provides the perfect destination for digital ads and marketing campaigns.
  • Simple forms help generate leads that can be further nurtured into more meaningful and profitable relationships.

Technology that offers enhanced content management capabilities

  • The Kentico CMS provides an easy-to-use platform with more current technology to manage and maintain site content.
  • Custom developed features and functionality create a unique website that is true to Point Breeze Credit Union's brand.
  • Centralized rates management and locations management tools make sitewide updates simple.