Abound Credit Union

Creating member connections with a credit union website redesign

Kentucky-based Abound Credit Union, a long-time ZAG client, needed a new website to refresh its digital presence. Abound Credit Union wanted the new website to evolve the look and feel, focus on connecting with members and generate meaningful conversions, while offering the latest CMS technology to facilitate site management and support.

Creating ease of navigation and access to all pages

  • The new website menu delivers a mobile-first and user-friendly navigation experience.
  • Initially surfacing key product categories and audiences, the site architecture creates an intuitive path to help visitors find the financial solutions they are working for.
  • ​​A handy global navigation, quick-access buttons and other related links throughout the site offer convenient access to popular pages and relevant content.

increase in user engagement (monthly comparison pre/post launch) 

Focusing on financial wellness and the consumer journey

  • Minimizing design and development needs, but offering the same content marketing value, a templated yet branded blog was added to the website.
  • ​Additional resources, such as financial calculators to evaluate payments or savings, and FAQs to answer repeat questions that could reduce call center volumes, are effectively placed throughout the site to support the member journey and decision-making process.
  • ​​The website also integrates with Datatrac, a third-party tool that allows Abound Credit Union to show how its current rates compare to other local or national competitors, providing for an enhanced product evaluation experience for consumers.
Abound Credit Union wanted to focus on providing financial solutions rather than just pushing products.

Before & After

Use the slider below to see the before and after design.
Before After
Consistent calls to action, lead generation forms and conversion-focused landing pages help move visitors from awareness and consideration to take the next steps.

Connecting member passion and purpose to products

  • A custom personalization strategy was implemented on the website, tailoring promotions and content based on a visitors previous browsing behavior and other qualifying activity that illustrate interest and intent.
  • ​The newly written website copy communicates product value, while the on-site SEO strategy works to attract the right visitors to the website based on their unique financial needs and goals.
  • Strategic placement of promotions helps engage visitors, including those just going to log into online banking, to increase individual wallet-share and online product adoption.
From discovery sessions to end testing, our ZAG team kept us informed and on track. We wanted to ensure an on-time delivery for our Board and executives as well as or members and that wouldn’t have been possible without their attention to detail and being receptive to feedback. ZAG really listened to what we wanted to accomplish and convey, and translated that into a beautiful display of functionality and form. It really felt like we had an extension of our team. Creating a website or redesign is truly a labor of love and takes a team that is invested in success. To have that both from our Abound team and the ZAG team was what made this endeavor a success.
Susan Mandarino, Abound Credit Union, Chief Marketing Officer

Establishing the brand while providing more flexibility

  • The responsive website design revitalizes the brand by bringing its purpose and personality to life.
  • ​​The use of customizable templates allows for the creation of unique product presentations, while maintaining brand consistency throughout the website.
  • Using a combination of brand colors and graphical elements, the website successfully creates a visual hierarchy that guides the user through each page while telling the product and brand story.

Advancing technology and features

  • With a combination of built-in and custom developed features, the marketer-friendly Kentico content management system (CMS) makes it easier for administrators to maintain the website.
  • ​​Streamlining and centralizing regular updates, the site features ZAG’s popular rates management and locations management tools including an integration with the  CO-OP ATM Network API.
  • To ensure a smooth transition for members to the new site, a website tour was created to highlight new functionality and help members find popular features, particularly online banking.