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A credit union website that helps members make life happen

Fox Communities Credit Union wanted a new website that featured a more modern, mobile-friendly design and provided an enhanced website experience for visitors. Giving a refreshed feel to their existing brand, Fox Communities Credit Union worked with ZAG Interactive on a website redesign that helps members make life happen, while supporting the credit union’s business goals.

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Establishing a strategic consumer journey

Fox Communities Credit Union wanted to establish a more engaging, easy to use website experience that connects with existing and prospective members through strategic use of content, design, features and functionality. Setting the foundation, ZAG outlined a new website architecture and navigation that would make it simple for visitors to find what they are looking for while minimizing clicks. Flexible page layouts were defined with an integrated content strategy to guide visitors along the decision-making journey while positioning the credit union as a valuable resource.

Offering enhanced member service and support

With the new website, Fox Communities Credit Union also wanted to create a more consultative, true branch experience with interactive features and tools. A robust, searchable FAQs database that offers enhanced member service and support, while making it easier for administrators to centrally manage content. It also includes a custom solutions finder that recommends products, services and resources based on a visitors selected financial goal or life stage.

Designing a successful consumer and content experience

The responsive website design modernizes the brand while illustrating the credit union’s continued brand promise and personality, and commitment to the community. The strategic use of icons, imagery, typography and other visual elements help to create an engaging experience that resonates with visitors. As part of the overall copywriting strategy, the new website also leverages unique presentation formats that make content more visual, engaging and easily-digestible. Essential steps were taken when designing, writing and building the website to ensure ADA conformance, accessibility and a positive user experience for all visitors.

Differentiating the brand and attracting audiences

Highlighting membership benefits, as well as product and service value, the website content is written strategically to differentiate Fox Communities Credit Union from other financial institutions. It also infuses keywords and phrases to strengthen the on-site SEO strategy to increase visibility in search results and attract the right audiences. The custom designed and developed blog provides fresh and valuable content for search engines, as well as visitors in various stages of the consumer journey. The new website enhances calls to actions to help generate qualified leads and increase conversions through landing pages, form submissions, online account/ loan applications and new membership applications.

Upgrading technology and content management

Built in Kentico, the content management system provides a more secure, easy-to-use platform for simple website content management, edits, updates and scheduling. It also allows for seamless integrations with third-party platforms and technology solutions, as well as streamlined sitewide updates and centralized management for content that is used in multiple places, such as rates, locations, FAQs, events, disclosures, marketing promotions and more.

Before & After

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ZAG Interactive has truly transformed our online presence. Their expertise in website redesign, user experience, and content strategy exceeded our expectations. They helped us create a modern, user-friendly website that not only reflects our brand but also aligns with our business goals. ZAG's dedication to enhancing the consumer journey, providing exceptional member service, and improving our overall content experience was evident throughout the project. Their strategic use of design elements, SEO, and technology upgrades has positioned us as a top performing credit union in Wisconsin. ZAG Interactive's commitment to excellence and their ability to deliver on their promises have been instrumental in our success. We highly recommend their services.
Lindsay Schwab, Sr. Digital Marketing Specialist

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