ZAG’s team of designers, developers, strategists, marketers and support staff work tirelessly each day to deliver on what we promise. What we found in each of us is a light, an artist, a lover, a warrior and instigator, a pacifist and believer. A few of us enjoy references to old movies, too.

Will Creedle
Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC)
Dan Seagull
Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC)
Dana Breward
Jennifer Pacanski
Alison Valerie
Danielli Franquim
Josh Orlando
Kate Macri
Kristen Brown
Abby Boulrice
Sean Dunphy
Leigh Burnham-Brown
Marah Boisoneau
Christopher Rinaldi
Brenna Keough
Dawn Melesko
Patrick Trayes
Alexandra Giarratano
Danielle Murray
Rachel Avery Conley
Melissa Wilkinson
Jennifer Poole
Ray Palmer
Taylor Larese
Kristen Wartschow
Marshall Annis
Brett Palmer
Whitney Grouten
James Scariati
Matt Falkowski
Nate Axtell
Glen Sawyer
Drew Bligh
Janet Vamos
Chris Powers
Aimee Lombardo
Dan Wolfgang
Sarah Crowley
Bruce Plate
Dawn Stanford
Dave Field
Spencer Hosack