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Strategy August 09 2017
Your website is the likely the foundation of all your marketing and communications, so it is paramount that you are getting just as much out of it as you are putting into it. When planning your website design or redesign, you need to begin with clear goals in mind. Define what your qualitative and quantitative expectations are so that you can ensure the final product meets your expectations, and maximizes your return on investment (ROI). Before you begin your website redesign project, explore 10 ways to measure the ROI.
posted by Danielle Geist
Strategy, Technology August 03 2017
Brace yourself: the world of website analytics reporting has just changed. Google Data Studio, a free tool from Google, is an extremely powerful tool that helps you better visualize your analytics data. Together with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, this suite of products offers businesses a way to track and display results in a way that actually make sense to your company.
posted by Patrick Trayes
Projects July 28 2017
ZAG has launched 17 websites so far in 2017and we’ve got a lot more excitement to come before the year ends. Learn more about these website designs and redesigns and explore our newest crop of sites.
posted by ZAG Interactive
CMS July 25 2017
Thinking about redesigning your website? If so, there are many decisions to make, among them which content management system (CMS) your site will be built on. When choosing a CMS, companies need to evaluate many factors – from price to functionality to security. Choosing between a proprietary, licensed and open source CMS is typically the first decision point, and from there, a specific CMS platform can be selected.
posted by Dawn Melesko
Announcements, Quality Assurance, Technology July 24 2017
If you were waiting for the official Department of Justice (DOJ) announcement in 2018 about website accessibility, you're going to have to keep waiting. Only July 20, 2017, the DOJ placed Website accessibility rulemaking on the ‘inactive list’, meaning that no decision will be made during the Trump administration. Does this mean that website accessibility is no longer a priority? Quite the contrary. Learn what every business needs to know.
posted by Will Creedle
Technology July 10 2017
Your institution may already have one or more .BANK domains or you may be thinking about whether it makes sense for your bank to register a .BANK domain. Unlike registering other top level domains however, there are numerous unique features and requirements that make planning extremely important.
posted by Teresa Foreman
Quality Assurance July 05 2017
There were over 240 website ADA-related lawsuits in 2016 alone. Learn about what website ADA compliance means, and explore best practices to make and keep your website compliant.
posted by Will Creedle