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Technology March 17 2023
Advanced bot management through Cloudflare provides extra protection for forms, screen scraping and credential stuffing. But a year into offering this service for our clients we have seen this service being a critical difference between catching a highly sophisticated and potentially extremely damaging DDOS attack - saving an institution's precious reputation.
posted by Marah Boisoneau
Marketing, Strategy, Technology February 28 2023
Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools for tracking user interactions on websites, and 2023 marks a huge change in the history of the platform with the transition to GA4. Read about key dates and what you need to do to plan for this platform migration. 
posted by Patrick Trayes
Marketing, Strategy February 22 2023
From content and email marketing to SEO and social media marketing, the global digital marketing industry is projected to reach $786 billion by 2026. Read 23 interesting digital marketing statistics about content marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, SEO, paid search and social marketing. 
posted by Brianna Dudding
Design, Quality Assurance, Technology February 06 2023
WCAG version 2.2 is anticipated to be released in April 2023. This version mostly comprises clarifications to previously issued website ADA guidelines, but site owners, managers, designers and developers need to carefully review the draft guidelines so that they can be a step ahead.
posted by Dan Seagull
Marketing, Technology January 30 2023
As sites grow and new pages are added, Canonical URLs are an important SEO checklist item. Learn what canonical URLs are and how to implement them as part of your site SEO strategy.
posted by Gabrielle Coburn
CMS, Technology January 17 2023
ZAG Interactive primarily builds websites in the Kentico and Umbraco CMSs. Both allow for the level of customization that our clients require and both products are well supported. So why would you choose one over another? This article explains the difference between them. 
posted by Michelle Brown
Announcements, Culture January 12 2023
ZAG's team has grown quite a bit over the last few months so allow us to introduce you to some of the new, talented employees who you will get the privilege of working with if you're a ZAG client.
posted by Gabrielle Coburn