Monterra Credit Union

Creating a website experience that’s invested in its members

CA-based San Mateo Credit Union, a long-time ZAG client, rebranded as Monterra Credit Union. They needed a fresh new website to introduce their new brand, reflect their purpose and personality and be supported by the latest technology. They once again hired ZAG to bring their vision to life. The new Monterra website modernizes the user experience (UX), combines engaging visuals and content, and supports timeless trends and technology to create a banking experience that is invested in its members’ success.

Strategy helps visitors find the right financial solutions

  • Visitors can easily find what they need with the intuitive website architecture and redesigned navigational menu. 
  • The vertical-style navigation creates a streamlined yet expansive experience that showcases the wide variety of solutions while minimizing clicks.
  • A custom solutions finder recommends relevant products, services and resources based on a user’s self-selected financial goal and life stage.

Usability testing was performed to ensure the new website supported key visitor and credit union goals, from helping users find what they need to representing the Monterra brand.

increase in tracked conversion events

A website tour acclimates visitors to the new website, helping them find popular features and explore what’s new.

Engaging content keeps visitors coming back for more

  • A blog provides fresh content alongside the new evergreen website copy that supports the search engine optimization strategy and helps drive return website visitors.
  • The Online Banking login features a strategically designed promotion to engage existing members before logging in to perform routine money management tasks.
  • A variety of financial resources help attract members at various stages of the consumer journey, while a personalization strategy creates a tailored content experience that supports decision making.   

Before & After

Use the slider below to see the before and after design.
Before After

Immersive and accessible design optimizes the UX

  • The responsive website design creates a positive website experience across different devices.
  • Brand elements such as patterns and texture create visual interest and makes the perfect backdrop for product promotion and positioning.
  • Icon-based content with engaging visuals highlights product features and benefits while making it easier for consumers to understand value.

ADA compliance ensures accessibility for all users, including those with different abilities.

Enhanced technology and content management capabilities

  • Out-of-the-box capabilities combined with custom development within the Kentico CMS provides an advanced content management experience.
  • Prominent page-based rate promotions tied into a central rates management tool makes it easier for consumers to rate shop and administrators to manage this everchanging content.
  • A custom map-based locations finder tool creates a visual experience for users to find a nearby branch or ATM.

In-line page promotions offer the opportunity to feature timely offers and call out key product benefits alongside a call to action.

Noteworthy website features and functionality

  • The site search feature provides easy access to site content, with an option to narrow searches to FAQ or blog content too.
  • Branded calculators are embedded directly within the product pages to help visitors understand value and support decision making.
  • The robust brand-focused footer provides consistent access to popular and important pages across the website, from special offers and applications to contact information and resources.

A “copy” button next to the routing number makes it even easier for members to access this frequently searched topic.