Credit Union ONE

A website and financial solutions that fits member needs

With locations throughout the community, Credit Union ONE is one of Michigan’s leading credit unions. In 2016, Credit Union ONE worked with ZAG on a redesign focused on refreshing the brand and creating a responsive, mobile-friendly website that supported a digital first strategy. Credit Union ONE once again hired the ZAG team again to create a modernized website experience that is consistent with today’s current trends, user expectations and technology, while continuing to deliver financial solutions that fit member needs.

increase in average time on page

Creating an effective navigation and site hierarchy

Serving as a foundation for the website, a new site architecture and strategy was established to support both business and visitor goals. The main menu uses recognizable terms that resonate with audiences to create a streamlined, intuitive path and enhance overall usability. Handy quick links along with icon-based calls to actions and applications at the top of every page maximize the UX in a helpful way. Each journey is designed to guide the user deeper into the product experience, communicating features, benefits and value, while providing access to important decision-making resources along the way. 

Focusing on financial solutions and member service

The website strategy takes a unique approach provide members with valuable financial solutions and educational resources, positioning the credit union as a true trusted advisor. Leading with solutions, the homepage main banner highlights financial goals and life stages as part of the custom solutions finder. The homepage also includes a large, interactive financial calculator to engage visitors and provide valuable money management insights – giving more reason for users to consider financial solutions from Credit Union ONE. Product and service pages contextually surface calculators and other related resources, too. A custom blog with articles and advice also provides a combination of timely and evergreen education to members. FAQs managed by a custom tool makes it easier to manage and integrate answers to common questions that are often key to decision-making. These resources along with a robust support section and self-service tools provide members with a helpful on-site experience, mimicking a more personal in-branch visit.

Before & After

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Strategic design and a visual content experience

The responsive website design is carefully crafted to give new life to the brand, guide the user’s eye, and create a warm and welcoming experience. The use of images and visuals creates a highly local approach that showcases the community and tells the credit union story. The website content takes a very visual approach, focusing less on copy and bullets and more on imagery and easy-to-read content. The design, content, and all other aspects of the website follow the recommended ADA guidelines to ensure accessibility for all audiences, including those with visual disabilities or other limitations.

Selling financial products in the digital space

A research-based SEO strategy including schema code helps attract valuable visitors at various stages of the consumer journey to the website, allowing Credit Union ONE to establish connections that are more likely to generate leads and meaningful action. A conversion-focused landing page serves as the perfect destination for digital campaigns, communicating only key marketing messages to encourage product adoption. Strategic use of product positioning and promotions throughout the site help move visitors further along the consumer journey, from awareness and consideration to conversion.

Advanced technology and website management

Credit Union ONE positions itself as a financial solutions provider for its diverse member base. To support that positioning, ZAG introduced quick links as part of the site navigation, so power users could easily get one-click access to commonly accessed content. The homepage also features a drop-down list of key financial needs, allowing visitors to make more informed financial decisions at key life stages. A true collaboration between ZAG and Credit Union ONE, the new site is on brand, well designed, fully functional and ready for business.