Paul Andrews

VP of Interactive Services

The man who masters the machine, Paul brings more than 10 years of application and web development experience to ZAG Interactive. As our Vice President of Interactive Services, Paul and his team ensure that the multitude of unseen moving parts within a website work in conjunction to produce the desired results.

With a background of extensive front- and back-end development, Paul’s team builds functional applications that are powerful and user-centric solutions to our clients’ challenges. His fluency in multiple programming languages and experience with multiple content management systems ensures that he can trouble-shoot problems and create solutions to meet any of our clients’ requirements.

His impressive professional skill set is rivaled only by his ability to consume massive, dangerous amounts of coffee throughout the day. As the office Renaissance Man, Paul is the starting shortstop in a wooden bat fast-pitch baseball league and an active guitarist whose influences include prog rockers Coheed and Cambria.

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Paul Andrews