March 25 2024

The Best Website Launch Campaign Tips

Blog-Image-2.jpgA website redesign project is a large, important and very exciting endeavor for your company, organization or institution. You’ve worked hard to stay on course through the twists and turns of a website redesign. Now you’re thinking about launch day and envisioning unveiling your shiny new website to throngs of cheering visitors but realize excitement may not be the sentiment your audiences feel. After all, it takes about .05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website. With the work your team and your agency has put into this project, it’s a smart move to ensure that customers and prospects welcome your new website into the world with open arms. This is where a website launch campaign comes into play.

A website launch campaign is a combination of targeted messaging delivered before the launch of a website to raise awareness, and post-launch to generate traffic and encourage positive engagement. What makes an effective website launch campaign? Read on to explore our best tips and ideas.

Welcome Visitors with a Guided Tour

One way to introduce visitors to your new site is by integrating a website tour on the homepage. A website tour essentially holds the visitor’s hand and shows them around, pointing out the most important or newest features to make their digital experience a positive and exciting one. The tour can be a video, which can be repurposed to share on social media, email and other channels too. Or it can be cookie-based (appearing on just the initial visit) and live in the CMS. Through a series of screens, visitors can learn about the navigation structure, interesting tools, new resources, and other meaningful content that your business wants to highlight. After completing the tour, users will feel comfortable exploring the site and will easily find their way around.

Offer Specials and Discounts

Advertising a special offer or discount will drive even more visitors to your new website. Banks and credit unions may decide to present a special offer for a limited time after the launch date as a way to attract new visitors to the site. Or they may offer something to visitors who visit the site, familiarizing themselves with it, and then complete an action like submitting a form. Similarly, an ecommerce site could hold a special sale or use a limited time offer discount code to celebrate the site launch. Incentives like this can be very effective at enticing prospective customers to visit your site and ultimately engage and convert.

Hype it Up on Social Media

Social media campaigns are a great way to stimulate awareness and drive traffic to your new site. But don’t wait until the last minute to start promoting your website launch. Just like a movie trailer stirs anticipation for the full-length film, posting teasers about your new website on social media about a month before launch day creates a buzz that makes people curious about what’s to come. Some ideas for social media campaigns include:

  • Post sneak peek screenshots of the homepage before launch. Introducing the look in small portions is a good way to get folks used to your new branding. This early exposure means that by the time the website launches, it will feel familiar, helping visitors ease into using the new site more quickly.

  • Tell your story using videos. Videos are some of the most memorable types of content on social media channels. A short video explaining some of the new features educates your audience and builds trust.

  • Run a campaign with the new site. Encouraging visitors to explore the new site is key to success, so think about creative ways to generate excitement. Perhaps a digital scavenger hunt is right for your business. Or maybe visitors can answer questions about the new site in a form to be entered to win something of value to them. Creativity is key here – and keeping it simple is equally important.

Whatever strategies you use, consistency is key. So, keep followers in the loop as the launch date approaches, make a grand announcement across all your social media platforms when the site goes live. And remember to follow up with additional posts to remind followers to check out the new site.
At launch time, you should also have a page on the new website that will serve as the destination for marketing efforts and a central hub to highlight features, benefits and any contests or other promotions related to the launch.

Reach Out with Email Marketing

Email marketing has stood the test of time as a powerful digital marketing tool. This old friend is an affordable, effective way to target just the people you want to reach to get the word out about your new website. So, craft a branded email that entertains and informs recipients with a friendly tone, communicates the new website features, and motivates them to visit the site. You may also want to segment and personalize the messaging to your audiences for optimal results.

Don’t Forget Print Advertising and Mailers

While digital marketing is a highly effective means to draw attention to your new website, the merits of print advertising should not be overlooked. Direct mail pieces can stick around long after someone scrolls past a social media post or closes an email. With clever copywriting, an eye-catching design and a clear call to action, print materials can shine a spotlight on your new website and move people to action.

Make Sure You’re Set Up for Success Internally

One thing not to be overlooked is the value of educating your employees on the new website features prior to launch. This might include sharing details about the new website experience and anticipating customer questions and how to address them. Ensure that you clearly communicate where popular pages and important information can be found on the new site so employees are ready to quickly direct customers to the right place.

Build Your Website Launch Campaign

The right website launch campaign will stir up excitement, introduce new features and showcase the value to visitors. Need some a hand coming up with a plan? Contact ZAG Interactive to learn more about how we can design a customized website launch campaign for your business.

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