January 12 2023

A New Year and New ZAG Employees

new ZAG Interactive employeesWe have some new faces here at ZAG Interactive! Over the past six months Niko Tucker, Jake Little, Robin Nerkowski, Brian Talbot, Lexie Trzcinski, Kevin Lanciano and Gabby Coburn have joined our team.

Let’s get to know each of the new hires

Gabby Coburn joined us as a Content Strategist in October 2022. She majored in English at the University of Connecticut and began pursuing her Masters in Digital Marketing in January at Wake Forest University. She enjoys reading Colleen Hoover books in her spare time, as well as working out at Mission Fitness, trying new restaurants and traveling. One of her goals on her bucket list is to travel to every continent, and she is more than half of the way there!

Kevin Lanciano joined us as an Account Coordinator in May 2022. He attended Assumption University, majoring in Marketing with a concentration in Digital Marketing. His source of inspiration comes from his family and friends that are always pushing him to do his best. He enjoys watching sports in his free time, his favorite teams being UConn, Hartford Athletic and Chelsea FC. Kevin’s trivia skills are unmatched, as he is the reigning ZAG trivia champion.

Jake Little joined us in May 2022 as a Marketing Analyst. He attended Westfield State University and majored in Business Management and Marketing. He is a fan of The Wolf of Wall Street and loves anything BBQ. In his free time, he likes to play soccer and golf, edit videos, workout, and trade stocks. Something unique about Jake is that he was adopted when he was younger!

Robin Nerkowski, an avid home chef, joined the team as a Digital Strategist in May 2022! She finds her inspiration from Mike G, a food blogger from Pro Home Cooks. Mike has inspired Robin to find delicious ways to eat healthy and she even learned how to make sourdough bread. Robin also enjoys reading Mary Karr’s memoirs, gardening, going to the beach and metalsmithing.

Brian Talbot also joined us in May 2022 as a Quality Assurance and Accessibility Analyst. He enjoys eating sushi and playing games in his free time. He is even working on making his own card game - how cool! Brian gets his inspiration from Richard Garfield, a famous mathematician, board game designer and inventor. His favorite book is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a comedy science fiction.

Niko Tucker joined us as a Visual Designer in May 2022. He enjoys sourcing his own food, especially freshly caught seafood and vegetables from his garden. Niko’s favorite movie is Boogie Nights with Fargo coming in at a close second. In his free time, he enjoys going outside to explore new trails for mountain biking or find new ponds to fish in. If the weather isn’t great, you can find Niko inside listening to his records or working on his mountain bike.

Lexie Trzcinski joined us as a Digital Strategist in August 2022. She graduated from Loyola University in Baltimore and majored in Marketing. Lexie is an avid foodie, with her favorite dish being pasta because of all the ways that it can be prepared. When Lexie isn’t working out at Mission Fitness, you can find her brushing up on her Chess skills. She is also in the process of writing her own cookbook to share all the recipes she has been perfecting over the past few years.

Shoutout to all our new employees and welcome to the ZAG team! We are always growing our team so if you’re looking to work at ZAG, visit our Careers page and see current opportunities.

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Gabrielle Coburn
Gabrielle Coburn
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