Writing a Great Website Redesign RFP

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Writing a Great Website Redesign RFP

You are about to embark on one of the most thrilling moments in a digital marketer’s career – selecting a partner for a website redesign. Thrilling can be exciting, but also scary if you don’t know what steps to take to ensure a smooth ride. A well-constructed website redesign RFP can help you properly plan for the inevitable bumps and gotchas in a redesign project so that the only surprises you get are good ones, and so the net result is a new website that is strategically well thoughtout and successful.

  • Involve Project Stakeholders Early
  • Clean Your (Technological) House
  • Educate Yourself to Set Realistic Expectations
  • Writing Your Website Redesign RFP
  • Highlight Key Information
  • Share the State of your Brand
  • Prioritize your Wish List
  • Invite Others to the Party
  • Consider the RFP Format
  • Don’t Forget Hosting and Ongoing Support
  • Use your RFP Experience to Build your Network

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