UVA Community Credit Union Digital Marketing

Supporting this credit union’s business goals with social media and paid search marketing

UVA Community Credit Union initially engaged ZAG Interactive for a website redesign project. During the process, UVA Community Credit Union turned to ZAG’s digital expertise to support its social media marketing and advertising, as well as paid search marketing efforts.

Establishing a successful social media marketing and advertising strategy

ZAG evaluated all of UVA Community Credit Union’s existing social activities to find opportunities to enhance, while developing entirely new social media marketing strategies based on relevant trends, proven success and UVA Community Credit Union’s unique target audiences, marketing objectives and business goals. This involved creating engaging content, media types, as well as optimizing ad formats for different placements in the social space.

increase in post engagements

Measuring social media marketing performance and results

With custom analytics tracking to monitor events and conversions, ZAG and UVA Community Credit Union are able to understand meaningful actions that take place after interactions with social ads, from call to action clicks on the website to third-party application access and completion. In the initial months of taking over UVA Community Credit Union’s social media marketing, there was a notable increase in recorded conversions and key performance indicators from social media.*

  • 244% increase in unique click through rate
  • 268% increase in landing page views, with a 58% decrease in cost per view
  • 554% increase in post engagements

These results illustrate the success of the strategies in generating awareness and engagement in the social space, while driving valuable website traffic and business results.

*Comparisons from three months before taking over UVA Community Credit Union’s social media marketing efforts, and three months after. There was a 50% increase in spend during this timeframe, but qualitative results indicate notable enhancements in overall performance.

Paid search to support visibility in search engine results

As part of the ongoing marketing retainer, ZAG also took over management of UVA Community Credit Union’s paid search marketing from another agency. Upon initial engagement, ZAG made updates and enhancements to minimize low-quality clicks and maximize the credit union’s budget. By the third month, there was a 24.75% increase in pages viewed per session, as well as a substantial increase in tracked goal completions – illustrating an improvement in overall traffic quality to the website from paid search.

  • 37% increase in clicks to search and display ads
  • 19% decrease in the average cost per click
  • 77% decrease in the cost per conversion
  • 382% increase in clicks to apply and completed applications

Performance reports and data studio dashboards

ZAG Interactive provides regular reports detailing social media and paid search marketing efforts using customized Google Data Studio dashboards, which allow for easy and efficient measurement of KPIs and anytime access to priority data. As observations are made and trends are identified, strategies and tactics are optimized for improved performance ensuring a positive ongoing partnership.

I can’t say enough how thrilled I am with our new partnership with ZAG. The numbers speak for themselves. However what you can’t see in these incredible figures is how great the ZAG team is to work with. Their creativity, follow up, attention to detail, and team comradery make working with them an absolute pleasure!
Rebecca Cardwell, VP of Marketing Operations
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Maximizing the results from social media marketing and paid search results to help this Virginia credit union thrive.