University Credit Union Social Media Marketing

Converting university communities with integrated marketing

A Southern California based credit union with global reach, University Credit Union (UCU) turned to ZAG Interactive for integrated marketing support before and after its website redesign project. Targeting existing and prospective members from universities across the Western United States, ZAG utilized a mix of online, social and search engine marketing to guide UCU’s online community through the unveiling of a new brand and site launch. The ongoing marketing resulted in an initial record-breaking month of applications for the credit union, as well as increased exposure and engagement for the brand that encourages audiences to “Bank with your brain.”

increase in new website users from social media

Revamping the social media marketing

After conducting discovery sessions with UCU and reviewing the credit union’s current marketing plan, activities and channels, ZAG produced a comprehensive social media strategy. This plan served as both an audit of UCU’s social media presence, as well as a guide for how the credit union could elevate its activities with assistance from ZAG. Through continuous consultation, UCU authorized ZAG to refresh and refocus its social media channels of prior to its new brand and site reveal. ZAG’s social media design experts reskinned UCU’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube properties under its existing brand. ZAG also maximized each channel with a strategic focus to communicate the credit union’s most valuable offerings. Administering the social media channels on behalf of UCU, ZAG concepted monthly campaigns, created content calendars, promoted posts, managed ad spends, and reported results. UCU’s social media marketing was reinvigorated leading up to its rebrand and site redesign, engaging the online community.

Launching search engine marketing campaigns

At the same time, ZAG worked with UCU to launch a series of pay-per-click advertising campaigns, which aligned with the credit union’s top products and services. Managing every aspect of the PPC campaigns, ZAG recommended topics, conducted keyword research, wrote creative copy, monitored each ad, tracked conversions and reported on performance via the Google Ads platform.  UCU’s search engine marketing complemented the credit union’s organic search results, aligned with its social media efforts, and drove targeted traffic to the existing site for conversion.

Unveiling the new brand and website

After a few months of managing the credit union’s social and search marketing, ZAG launched UCU’s new website, which was the digital debut of the credit union’s rebrand. The day of the big reveal, ZAG updated all of UCU’s social media channels and search engine marketing creative to reflect the updated brand and generate traffic to the new site. Sponsored posts on social media and paid ads on Google search drove visitors to the a custom landing page, which touted the refreshed brand, as well as UCU’s key offerings on the new site.

Sustaining the momentum

Since the launch of the new site, ZAG continues to collaborate with UCU on monthly marketing campaigns, extending the new brand, promoting timely offers and educating the university communities under a continuous theme. Ongoing tactics include image- and text-based posts, event reminders, search engine marketing, monthly contests, website promotions, and landing pages aligned to UCU’s main business goals and marketing objectives. The integrated marketing campaigns reinforce the idea of “Bank with your brain.” by highlighting UCU’s smarter financial solutions, while tying in relevant product and seasonal promotions.

Adjusting based on analytics

After establishing both qualitative and quantitative success metrics with UCU, ZAG implemented a custom analytics strategy and reporting on the new website to track the effectiveness of the credit union’s marketing campaigns. Our digital agency’s in-house analytics experts combined custom event and goal tracking with custom dashboards to continually measure, monitor and adjust the effectiveness of the ongoing marketing. Each month, ZAG reviews the campaign results with UCU to determine how to maximize success and exceed the credit union’s needs as well.

Earning trust and loyalty online

Due in large part to steady integrated marketing, UCU transitioned seamlessly from a dated brand and website to a successful rebrand and site redesign. Working with UCU and its branding agency, Weber Marketing, ZAG served as an extension of the credit union’s internal marketing team, making recommendations, creating interesting and informative content, managing its various web properties, and analyzing and reporting results. ZAG’s ongoing marketing helps UCU expand its brand impressions, increase its online followers, convert its target audiences, and educate the university communities.

How We Helped
ZAG provided strategy, design, development and marketing services to deliver integrated campaigns that introduced a credit union’s new brand and website , while promoting products and engaging its online community.