United Community Bank

A modern website for a growing Georgia-headquartered bank that delivers for today’s savvy customers.

United Community Bank (UCBI) is the third largest bank in Georgia with more than $12.836B in assets, and 150 banking offices throughout Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. UCBI’s commitment to delivering exceptional service and improving the lives of the residents in their communities through service-oriented banking drove this website redesign project.

UCBI wanted to more effectively represent its brand values and grow its regional presence while maintaining branding consistency with its offline initiatives. ZAG Interactive’s extensive experience developing digital solutions for the financial services industry compelled UCBI to enlist us to help achieve its digital goals.

A more simplified and intuitive user experience

UCBI concentrated on simplifying visitors’ ability to access customer support quickly, providing enhanced educational opportunities throughout the site and delivering a superior mobile experience. Our expertise in strategy, design, marketing, technology and copywriting contributed to the successful redesign.

ZAG's design team wireframed the site to maximize functionality, site content and architecture. Introducing mega-menu navigation ensured easy access to all pages, which also feature contact information throughout to sharpen the focus on customer support. ZAG also utilized responsive design to ensure adaptability, optimal usage and a seamless experience on all mobile devices and tablets.

A powerful, customized back-end build in Kentico

Our development department relied on the powerful and robust Kentico CMS to build various custom features into the site and manage third-party integrations, including online banking and calculators. Additional custom features include form builds and conversions, video integration and all the elements that lead to an ADA-compliant site. Our custom rates database module facilitates efficient and dynamic rate updates across the site. Additionally, resources and FAQs are tagged to align with specific product and service pages while creating highly informative product pages that visitors can use efficiently. To create a more personalized user experience for key segments of UCBI's audience, the site utilizes Kentico's personalization feature which controls select promotions and content and increases the relevance of the site to user groups. Additionally, a new customized branch location section contains information about all of UCBI's branches, aligns mortgage and treasury representatives to each branch, and creates a future opportunity for branch-specific communication and event promotion.

A strategic approach to content and inbound marketing

ZAG provided full website copywriting services, streamlining information and created new content throughout the site, including Financial Education and Security Center sections, while expanding content for UCBI’s Business and Corporate Banking audiences. The UCBI website now features new product pages, enriched product explanations, clear calls to action and innovative “life stage selectors” to better match products to customers’ specific needs. To complement these strategies, ZAG’s marketing department also employed SEO best practices to improve UCBI’s search engine appeal. This is further enhanced by custom Google Analytics for better return on investment and user path analysis.

Ongoing digital support

ZAG continues to provide ongoing strategic, design, development and marketing support for UCBI to ensure the website grows and evolves properly along with UCBI's business needs.

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ZAG isn’t just a great vendor, they’re an integral part of our team. The folks at ZAG are highly qualified individuals that genuinely care about their customers’ needs, goals, and tasks. I am so thankful to have them working alongside us. I have confidence knowing that when I send something along to them they will provide expert level input and complete the task with excellence. I cannot imagine trying to accomplish what we do without our teammates at ZAG.
Rebecca Gilliam, Digital Strategy, United Community Bank