Truliant Federal Credit Union

A modern, easy-to-use credit union website that appeals to a tech-savvy member base.

Truliant Federal Credit Union is a North Carolina-based, full-service financial institution with more than 190,000 members and nearly $2 billion in assets. In a competitive marketplace, Truliant relied on ZAG Interactive to create a modern, easy-to-use website that appeals to its tech-savvy member base while positioning Truliant as a trustworthy, caring banking alternative who provides guidance to members in meeting their goals.

Creating a better user experience

The project involved a 180-degree re-imagining of Truliant’s site architecture in order to deliver a more intuitive user experience that prioritizes members’ online needs with the scalability to meet Truliant’s goals for its digital presence. ZAG’s design team began with wireframing of key pages, and then they created an updated, responsive design that greatly improved the website’s appearance and usability for both Truliant employees and members. Incorporating feedback from usability testing, this streamlined, innovative design supports Truliant’s brand and appeals to its target audience with a more intuitive, scalable navigation and smarter site architecture.

As part of the overall refreshed look, members are able to use the site’s self-service channels more effectively, which works toward Truliant’s goals of providing guidance to help members with their needs and goals, which ultimately increases their loan applications, account openings and member applications online.

Marketing and copywriting personalize content

Our copywriting and marketing departments collaborated to create a strategy that helps Truliant execute its plan to appeal to its audience through informational, personalized content that is served up with different messages appealing to different demographics. With SEO research and page tagging, along with rewritten content, the site attracts a wider audience and appeals to them with helpful content to make smart financial decisions and quickly find Truliant products that meet specific needs. The copywriting team also created a financial education section from scratch that further positions Truliant as an institution that cares about informing its members and helping them improve their individual financial situations.

Kentico CMS serves as the development foundation

Our developers built Truliant’s site in the Kentico CMS and created a dynamic rates database enabling Truliant’s administrators to quickly update rates within a centralized location in the CMS. We also seamlessly integrated various financial calculators used by visitors to research financial options and aid in decision-making, and we created easy access to the most important elements of the site, such as online banking and all online applications that facilitate account openings and new memberships.

Using the content personalization feature of the Kentico CMS, ZAG also personalized the website so that certain pages reveal customized information that speaks to specific users based on their location and other factors. Users also now have the ability to review Truliant’s products and services by virtue of a ratings system our developers implemented. Additionally, we created a custom search function that delivers more accurate in-site search results for users, and we built custom forms with highly detailed fields that enable Truliant to better understand and fulfill members’ requests.

Truliant FCU responsive web design Truliant FCU redesigned website strategy
ZAG’s expertise enabled us to effectively translate our strategic vision into a website that aligned with our Improving Lives® brand and assists us in reaching our short- and long-term business plan goals. They are not your typical website developer; they became our partner, a member of our team, throughout this process and took the extra time to thoroughly understand our needs, our brand and our strategic vision. I highly recommend ZAG if you want an end product that your customers will love, and a site that will assist you in reaching your goals.
Karen DeSalvo, CMO, Truliant Federal Credit Union