Success With Structured Data

Enhancing your SEO strategy with Schema code

ZAG works with a variety of clients – from banks and credit unions to communication companies – to support their redesign and ongoing SEO strategy. One of the tools in our SEO toolbox is implementing schema code on their websites. At the most basic level, schema is structured data added to your website via code snippets that tells Google important information about your business. This helps brands build trust with search engines and consumers by ensuring that the correct service and location information is being pulled into result snippets and knowledge panels. The end results is that this dynamic information properly represents the business, it’s products and services and helps to drives quality website traffic.

Supporting website and digital goals provides many ‘types’ of code to support different business objectives related to local visibility, event awareness, product promotion, organizational information and much more. ZAG works to understand specific client goals to determine which type of schema should be used, and what pages the code on should be placed on. Here are some examples of the success schema has brought to our clients.


BankorCreditUnion Schema

ZAG added BankorCreditUnion schema, a local business type schema, to the locations’ pages on a financial institution’s website. Within just one month, the structured data was being recognized by search engines, increasing visibility in results, and improving the quality of traffic to locations pages. More specific results for this client include:
  • 25% increase in clicks to location pages
  • 21% increase in average click-through rate
  • 26% increase in website sessions
  • 2.59% decrease in bounce rate
  • 316% increase in impressions for one location

Organization Schema

ZAG added organization schema to the homepage of a communication company's site. This led to better quality organic traffic to the homepage of their site a month after the schema was launched. Notably, this client saw:
  • 39% increase in total clicks to the home page from a search engine

  • 60% increase in average click-through rate

Service Schema

ZAG added service schema to all service pages on this same communication company’s site. This led to better quality traffic on each of these service pages. Some highlights include:
  • 132% increase in total clicks for one service page
  • 40% increase in total impressions of one service page
  • 7.8% decrease in bounce rate for one service page
  • 21% increase in new users for one service page
  • 41.3% increase in the number of pages per session for one service page

Organic SEO Results

As soon as a site with schema is crawled by search engines, the structured data is recognized and provides rich snippets of information to users searching related terms via search engines.

ZAG uses several tools, including Google Search Console to measure the results bringing traffic to the website overall, as well as the individual pages that the structured data was placed on.

Adding the Schema Code

ZAG can add schema code to sites in two ways, dynamically or statically. Dynamic schema is optimal for blog or article pages, as well as sites with separate pages for each location, as the code is automatically present when new pages are created using those same page layouts. Static schema offers the ability to create more customized code with very specific information. This type of schema is great for branding and single page implementations, such as a ‘homepage’ or ‘about’ page of a website.

Different types of schema are often used throughout a site, working together to support different goals. Since structured data does not require ongoing any updates or maintenance, schema is a great way to give your site and brand a boost in organic search results.

Schema Services & Support

Our team works closely with clients to understand their SEO needs, strategize ways to support ongoing efforts and identify opportunities through thorough SEO audits.  Our advanced tools allow us to understand the impact that both technical and content related SEO strategies have on search engine rankings. To learn more about common schema types and take a deeper dive into structured data visit our blog on understanding structured data.

How We Helped
Increasing online visibility and enhancing local search presence for our clients, from banks and credit unions to communications companies.