Starion Bank

Taking its customers farther with a new website

As Starion Bank grew and expanded, the institution maintained its small-town principles and commitment to caring for its North Dakota and Wisconsin customers. With digital experiences becoming increasingly important, the bank wanted to update its website to be more modern and mobile-friendly for users, while supporting its business objectives.

increase in average session duration

Supporting goals with a successful strategy

Focusing on the site architecture and content hierarchy, ZAG created a new website strategy to support the bank’s goals. Highlighting the Starion’s main business lines, the website menu appeals to both personal and business customers. An intuitive navigation approach helps visitors find what they’re looking for quickly and easily, categorizing subpages and surfacing popular content while minimizing clicks to internal pages. The use of lifestyle photography and identifiable iconography resonates with visitors, providing for efficient and effective communication.

Designing a valuable consumer journey

Guiding visitors along the consumer journey, the new website prominently presents how to take action – increasing consumer confidence and facilitating next steps. Comparison charts, related resources, and other tools help visitors understand the unique benefits of Starion’s solutions and choose the best for their specific needs. Featured benefits and strategic promotional space, such as within the online banking login, better position products and services, contributing to the site’s function as an integral sales tool. Conversion focused landing pages and built-in forms work to capture qualified leads, allowing the bank to nurture them into customers.

Creating the right brand impression

The new website needed to help Starion Bank better compete against other financial institutions in the digital space, while reinforcing its unique brand. The new site clearly illustrates Starion’s commitment to customer service and the community. A robust site search, multiple contact options, accessible account login and other convenient features exhibit Starion’s strength in service. Dedicated space on the homepage uses a combination of content and engaging visuals to showcase the banks local involvement – from sports and sponsorships to arts and volunteering. Additionally, customer testimonials validate the bank’s genuine concern for its customers’ financial needs.

Delivering a positive user experience

A responsive design delivers a seamless experience across different devices and screen sizes. Easily-digestible website copy that is optimized for SEO helps attract the right visitors and clarifies complex financial solutions. Additionally, the site is designed for ADA conformance, making it equally accessible for all users, including those with disabilities. With a custom analytics plan in place, the bank can now obtain a better understanding of important key performance indicators, and optimize the experience for enhanced results.

Providing advanced technology and features

Offering flexible out-of-the-box features and customization capabilities, the Kentico content management system allowed for the development of a site that is truly unique to Starion Bank. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for administrators to regularly update content to keep the website fresh and timely, which can encourage return visitors and continued engagement. A custom, map-based locations finder provides for centralized locations management, while helping users find a nearby branch or ATM. This custom site will also take advantage of more sophisticated Kentico features as the site evolves.

Consistent with Starion Bank’s brand, the new website offers a more comprehensive experience, taking both the bank and its customers farther.

Before & After

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Our website redesign project was a huge undertaking, one with highly visible goals. Thankfully ZAG was with us every step of the way. With their technical expertise, the team lead us through major improvements to infrastructure, such as SEO, analytics and personalization. We also came to depend on their creative and production teams who assisted with the overall customer experience and brand of our site. ZAG has become a valued strategic partner. They deliver on-time and on-budget.
Brian Hanson Experience Manager, SVP Starion Bank