Social Media Success

Supporting business goals with social media
It’s not just about the likes. ZAG works with clients in a variety of industries, from banks and credit unions to health and wellness centers, to establish social media marketing strategies that generate awareness, audience interest, engagement and real business results. Creating effective experiences, every touchpoint with the consumer is considered and optimized, from the user’s timeline to your website.
  • Campaign strategy and execution
  • Post copywriting and design (images, GIFs, slideshows, carousels)
  • Ad budgeting and audience targeting
  • Management, reporting and optimization
  • Integrated marketing support (landing pages, site promotions, print material)

This Midwest-based bank uses social media to highlight its involvement in the community and guide consumers along financial life stages.

Establishing trust and building relationships while differentiating the brand and its offerings.

This Michigan-based credit union uses a combination of content, from financial tips and strategies to testimonials and product promotions, to engage audiences.

Educating consumers and positioning products drives interest and applications.

This New England-based health and wellness center uses social media to promote timely enrollment offers, fitness tips, member benefits, class schedules and more.

Branded and customized carousel ads engage audiences, generating clicks and landing page views.

Our team works closely with clients to understand timely topics and develop supportive social media content. From caption copywriting to post design, all elements work together to establish a relatable connection with unique social audiences. A mix of content types are used, including image-based posts, carousel ads, slideshows, GIFS and videos, appealing to users in various stages of the consumer journey. Through targeted advertising, content is distributed to specific audiences based on the subject, increasing relevancy and maximizing the budget. All assets integrate seamlessly with all other marketing materials, from in-branch print promotions to website landing pages, creating a cohesive brand experience from one platform to another.  Advanced tracking and analytics allow us and our clients to understand the true impact of our efforts, from on-site visit behavior and CTA clicks to form submissions and online applications.
How We Helped
Creating custom social media content that educates and engages audiences, increasing leads and conversions for our clients.