Self-Help Federal Credit Union

A bilingual, unified web presence with a vibrant design for this specialty California credit union

Self-Help Federal Credit Union, a division of Self-Help Credit Union, is a unique credit union with branches in California, Illinois and Florida, and serves the members of what were previously four separate credit unions. Their primary focus is providing financial services to immigrants, low-income communities, women, and people of color. ZAG previously worked with Self-Help FCU on their previous site redesign and provided ongoing support for years. Inspired by the fresh new parent site design, and seeing a steadily rising percentage of mobile users, Self-Help knew it was time to develop a responsive website that aligned with the new parent site brand, yet provided a distinct visual experience.

Responsive credit union redesign

After a discovery session with key members of the Self-Help FCU team, ZAG developed a site architecture that paralleled the parent site while accounting for significant consolidation of the current site. The end goal of the project was to have a site that allowed for easy access to online accounts, provided a superior and responsive user experience, and effectively showcased the suite of products and services available to their members. Using the parent site design as inspiration, ZAG’s design team was challenged to create enough differentiation so that it was clear to visitors that the sites were related but distinct. The result was a site that offered a clean, modern and intuitive experience with imagery that connected with Self-Help FCU’s member goals and lifestyles.

Powered by the Sitefinity CMS

The new Self-Help FCU website was built within the Sitefinity platform like their former site, and incorporates a rates database to keep visitors informed of the latest loan and account rates, and to allow Self-Help FCU to easily make adjustments to their rates as needed. To aid existing and potential members in easily locating the products they’re looking for, the site also features mega menus to organize relevant pages making them easily referenced.

Self Help FCU on Tablet Self Help FCU on Mobile Phone