Scient Federal Credit Union

A credit union website that breaks the banking mold

The challenge

Connecticut-based Scient Federal Credit Union offers a full suite of financial services. Its previous website did not reflect the credit union’s continued commitment and evolving brand as times and technologies changed. It also did not provide a user-friendly way for administrators to manage and maintain site content, making it difficult to optimize and keep fresh. Additionally, having a strong partnership program with local auto dealers, many members were simply visiting the site to make an auto loan payment, and not realizing the breadth of financial solutions the credit union offers. Wanting to better engage users and break the banking mold, Scient Federal Credit Union sought out to create a bold, modernized website that would support business and member goals.

increase in average session duration

The solution

Revolutionizing the navigation

The site architecture streamlined content and defined a more direct path to product, service and resource pages. A robust mobile-first menu strategically positions account and loan payment logins within the navigation to encourage exploration of additional solutions while performing routine transactions. Modernizing the menu while balancing consumer expectations, each section of the site delivers an immersive experience with fluid imagery, relatable icons and engaging animations that guide visitors along the journey.

Enhancing the content experience

As users progress through the site, they are guided by clear categorizations, advancing anchor links, illustrative iconography and more to help consumers find the information they are looking for. Full-screen, banded content with bullets and bold features effectively showcase products and services, while communicating the value of Scient’s specific financial solutions. A “what’s trending” section also creates a sense of timeliness to inspire return visitor interaction with product promotions.

Promoting additional product adoption

With many members accessing the site only to make a payment, there were untapped opportunities to increase interest in next-best solutions. A new “manage auto loan” experience was established to help members easily pay their auto loan, while promoting and positioning relevant solutions to increase product usage per member. General cross promotions are also used throughout the site to draw connections and create a comprehensive view of how members can manage all of their money needs with Scient.

Positioning relevant solutions

Wanting to provide solutions for audiences as opposed to the traditional promotional approach, a prominent solutions finder tool presents relevant products, services and resource based on a user’s selected financial life stage or goal. Helpful resources, including financial calculators and blog articles, are also incorporated strategically into the site on product and popular pages. This helps Scient appeal to consumers at different stages of the consumer journey and guide them through the decision-making process.

Making it easier to manage

The Kentico content management system allows for highly customized, but flexible page layouts that can be further tailored to effectively represent each individual product and the uniqueness of the credit union. With a user-friendly dashboard, built-in widgets and form-based content fields, it’s easy for administrators to make regular and routine updates. In addition to this, a custom tool makes sitewide rates management simple and seamless.

With a functional, intuitive, engaging, ADA conformant and responsive user experience – the new Scient Federal Credit Union website supports its mission of “Improving people’s lives with creative solutions.”

Before & After

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