Premier Bank Google Ads Campaign

Delivering ROI for a Bank's paid search marketing

Premier Bank (formerly First Federal Bank of the Midwest) consulted with Google Certified Partner, ZAG Interactive, on how to increase the ROI of their existing pay per click advertising (PPC) efforts. To drive an increase in qualified leads and conversions for Premier Bank’s checking accounts and mortgage applications, ZAG developed a strategic Google Ads campaign. This strategy included a combination of landing page development, keyword research, custom ad copy and creative, ongoing PPC campaign management, event tracking, as well as reporting and analysis to achieve the Bank’s objectives.

PPC Landing Page Development

Focusing on conversions, ZAG designed and developed a new landing page template that was used to create two distinct landing pages for the checking and mortgage pay per click campaigns. The checking account landing page featured an interactive quiz to help visitors find the best checking account for them, while the mortgage landing page drove users to find their local mortgage representative by city and request an appointment. Both landing pages were optimized to increase the click-through rate and lower the cost-per-click.

Google Ads Pay Per Click Campaign Management & Optimization

To determine which search queries to target, ZAG conducted extensive keyword research within Premier Bank’s geographic footprint. Based on this insight, ZAG wrote custom ad copy aligned with those key phrases, then launched the PPC campaign in the Google Ads platform. To maximize performance, ZAG monitored and optimized the campaign on an ongoing basis, which included adjusting bidding strategies, updating ad copy, managing search terms and tracking conversions. ZAG also launched a remarketing campaign to encourage previous website visitors to return to the site to complete a conversion.

Google Analytics Event Tracking Strategy

To understand how users were engaging with the site and converting, ZAG implemented an event tracking strategy. This included implementing Google Tag Manager and event tracking on the bank’s responsive website and within their third-party mortgage and checking account applications. With this advanced tracking in place, ZAG was able to evaluate website traffic from search marketing ads and conversions within the online applications. Each month, ZAG’s marketing team consulted with Premier Bank to report on the details of the campaign and funnel, providing suggestions for future optimizations.

Pay Per Click Advertising ROI

The pay-per-click advertising strategy significantly increased conversions and closed applications for Premier Federal Bank. Beating industry benchmarks, there was an overall:

  • 40% increase in conversions
  • 112% improvement in conversion rates
  • 42% decrease in cost per conversion for our checking account campaign.
  • 171% increase in conversions and a 42% decrease in cost per click (mortgage Ads campaign)

Looking to find a Google partner or new pay per click (PPC) agency? ZAG Interactive can help you evaluate opportunities to optimize the effectiveness of your current Google Ads campaign or create a custom pay-per-click advertising strategy for your business. Contact us for a free consultation.

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