Focusing  on solutions with this community credit union site redesign

PFCU, a Michigan-based community credit union, is dedicated to its members and community, providing valuable banking solutions that help individuals and businesses achieve their financial goals.

To better serve its mission and members while keeping up with the times and trends, the credit union decided to redesign their site for a second time with ZAG, the first project being back in 2013. Since then, PFCU’s brand has evolved, and the new website reflects this progression – from its more modern design to its solutions-focused content strategy.

Restructuring the site

To help members easily find sought-after products and services, better surface helpful resources and cross promote solutions, a new site structure and page strategy was established. Simplifying and streamlining the navigation and mega menu, the updated architecture allowed PFCU to create a cohesive user experience that combined important products with helpful resources. Once the architecture was defined, ZAG created a responsive design to deliver an equally positive experience across all devices.

Representing the brand

The new, responsive site introduced and improved several site features that illustrated PFCU’s solutions-oriented approach to banking and commitment to the community. The Solutions Finder tool, which positions and promotes banking solutions in relation to consumer goals, needs and life stages, was revamped and highlighted on the homepage for enhanced visitor engagement. The blog also received an updated design to keep members informed about what’s happening at the credit union and in the community.

Building a better experience

Built in the Sitefinity CMS, ZAG’s developers built and enhanced several custom features to support PFCU’s redesign efforts. Allowing members to easily find PFCU branches, ZAG integrated a custom Locations Finder tool, from which PFCU can manage all location information. Also, enabling PFCU to easily update rates and minimize compliance risk, ZAG upgraded PFCU’s rates management tool. The new PFCU website was also built to conform to WCAG 2.0 AA compliance standards for ADA website accessibility, enhancing PFCU’s user experience and reducing the institution's legal risk.

Supporting marketing success

As part of our ongoing support retainer, ZAG creates regular campaigns for PFCU to promote anything from products to events to special offers. To enhance the effectiveness of these campaigns, as part of the website redesign, ZAG created a landing page template that was consistent with the look and feel of PFCU’s brand and marketing materials. Eliminating unessential elements such as the navigation, the landing page works to create a seamless consumer journey and focuses on conversions.

To increase online visibility among potential Michigan members and boost traffic from search engines, ZAG also updated PFCU’s search engine optimization (SEO) strategy to align with its brand evolution and everchanging SEO best practices.

Promoting the new website

To increase awareness and excitement about the new website, ZAG created a two-tiered website launch campaign. During the pre-launch phase, the campaign informed the community that a new PFCU website would be coming soon, showcasing screenshots of the soon-to-be new site to create familiarity with the enhanced features and feel. Post-launch, the campaign focused on driving traffic to the new website to encourage exploration and interaction.

Introducing visitors with a tour

To introduce visitors and members to the new website, ZAG designed and developed a new Website Tour. Featuring important website elements, the tour highlights the location of the online banking login, helpful tools, locations finder, community information, rates and more. The messaging was designed so that it would be valuable for both members and non-members, as well as new and returning visitors to the PFCU site.  

These updates to strategy, design and technology resulted in a website that supports PFCU’s goals, and those of its members.

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