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Supporting a bank’s business goals with social media, paid search, email marketing and more

Social media marketing for a business-focused bank

Patriot Bank worked with ZAG to redesign its website – helping to refresh the brand while modernizing its digital presence and providing an enhanced experience for customers. After the site launch, Patriot Bank continued to rely on ZAG’s ongoing digital support, including social media management on popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Having an in-depth understanding of the bank’s audiences, key products and priorities from the redesign project, it was a seamless transition to the ZAG marketing team. 

Measuring the results of our efforts

As part of our initial set up, ZAG defined custom tracking events and conversions to understand valuable interactions beyond social, from the website to third-party activity. This allows for more advanced tracking, from traffic source and call to action clicks and all the way through application access.

In the first month of managing Patriot Bank’s social platforms, there were a significant number of recorded conversions on linked pages, including form submissions, as well as clicks to apply, get started and contact the bank. There were also substantial increases in several key performance indicators (KPIs):

  • 423% increase in people reached

  • 111% increase in post engagements

  • 313% increase in page Likes on Facebook

  • 3,712% increase in the number of Instagram accounts reached with Patriot Bank posts and promotions

  • 6.8% increase in overall content interactions on the Instagram platform.


Additionally, the website saw an 80% increase in new users to the site from social media, and a 69% increase in pageviews from social, illustrating the success of the strategies in generating awareness and engagement while driving quality traffic to the website.

Results were seen from both personal-based and business-based product promotions, highlighting social media’s effectiveness as a business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketing channel.

Paid search to support visibility in search engine results

As part of this marketing retainer, ZAG took over management of Patriot Bank’s paid search marketing from another agency. Upon initial engagement, ZAG made updates and enhancements to minimize low-quality clicks and maximize the bank’s budget. By the third month, there was a 24.75% increase in pages viewed per session, as well as substantial increase in tracked goal completions – illustrating an improvement in overall traffic quality to the website from paid search. To further demonstrate campaign success, cross-domain tracking was implemented to provide an overview of the full marketing funnel experience, from ad click through application completion.

Email marketing to engage customers and nurture relationships

Using a third-party email platform, ZAG also supports Patriot Bank’s email marketing efforts to promote timely topics and priority products. Writing email content and selecting campaign imagery, ZAG uses pre-defined templates to build, test and schedule emails. The result is above industry-average open rates (24% vs 14.25%*), as well as post-email CTA clicks and other meaningful activity on the website.

Educating key audiences with financial literacy content

Helping appeal to select audiences and guide consumers along the decision-making journey, Patriot Bank leverages articles and infographics from ZAG’s financial literacy library. Customized to the brand and the bank’s products, this library of content supports the bank’s online thought-leadership, while empowering consumers and strategically promoting and positioning banking products and services.

Performance reports and data studio dashboards

Providing an overview of social media, paid search and email marketing efforts, Google Data Studio reports and dashboards were created allow for easy and efficient measurement of KPIs. As observations are made and trends are identified, strategies and tactics are optimized for improved performance – allowing for a positive ongoing partnership that will continue to yield results for Patriot Bank.
*source: Constant Contact (2021) 

After working with ZAG during our website redesign project, where they exceeded our expectations, we felt ZAG’s level of service and support were a perfect fit for all of our Marketing needs.
Tom Murphy, Patriot Bank, Head of Marketing & Digital Products
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