OKCU Custom Analytics

Using custom analytics to evaluate digital strategy effectiveness

As a thriving local credit union, Oklahoma Credit Union receives tens of thousands of unique visitors per month to their website. OKCU was looking for a way to track visitor engagement with various product promotions, as well as monitor the effectiveness of their Kentico-based content personalization strategy. In addition to what is available in standard Google Analytics tracking, the institution wanted to learn more about custom analytics reporting and Google Tag Manager tracking.

Customizing an analytics tracking strategy for a credit union

ZAG implemented site-wide custom event tracking within Google Tag Manager, allowing the credit union to see which pages received the most clicks related to product engagement, and which promotional areas were the most likely to drive visitors toward conversion. The personalized content within Kentico was tagged to be trackable in Google Analytics, and custom reporting was created in Google Data Studio to show website performance for different personas. ZAG also conducted a training session with the credit union to educate them on where to find the most relevant reporting in Google Analytics, and how to create tags and triggers in the Google Tag Manager platform on their own.

more interactions with personalized rate promos then non-personalized rate promos

Monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) in analytics

Custom analytics tracking allows Oklahoma’s Credit Union to track numerous key performance indicators (KPIs). Custom analytics and reporting within the Google suite of analytics products provides OKCU with a better understanding of the effectiveness of its digital strategies and where improvements can be made for enhanced results. For example:

  • OKCU uses embedded videos to inform visitors about new product features, and custom event tracking tells the credit union the percentage of visitors who click “play” on a video will watch it to the very end. This helps the credit union better plan its video content and length.

  • Custom event tracking in promotional banners shows that the one of the credit union’s personas is 4x more likely to interact with personalized testimonials, 12x more likely to click on a personalized rate promo, and 23x more likely to click a personalized product promotion. This quantifiable data supports why the credit union should invest more efforts in digital marketing for this persona.


How We Helped
Custom analytics tracking and reporting allows this credit union to track performance and ROI.
ZAG helped us take our marketing to the next level by customizing our website for our members and by delivering insights to us about how our members were interacting with those customizations.”
Logan Walker, Digital Media Coordinator, Oklahoma's Credit Union