Off the Block Sales

A new website that will revolutionize the auto auction industry

Off The Block is striving to revolutionize the auto auction process by moving it to an online forum that eliminates many of the costs associated with the in-person model while saving buyers and sellers tremendous amounts of valuable time. As a relatively new company based in Connecticut, but with goals of regional expansion in its headlights, Off The Block is overhauling the inefficient and unnecessarily costly system of car auctions by leveraging ZAG’s vast expertise.

Powered by the Umbraco CMS

After significant strategic research, ZAG created an online portal on the Umbraco CMS where auto dealers can negotiate the sale and trade of vehicles without the clunky burdens and obstacles of in-person transactions, all through a website architecture system that achieves the desired simplicity.

Customizable and flexible

Off The Block functions as a member-only system, and ZAG’s development team crafted an interface that makes it simple for dealers to establish accounts, customize their personal page, access all of their own information, and make changes as needed. Likewise, we developed easy-to-comprehend pages for users to read vehicle details and compare offers. Users will be able to sort through options and apply filters, such as model, price, features, mileage, etc. to find information intuitively and quickly. Results pages feature abbreviated information that is easy to skim and not overwhelming, and full details are accessible on separate vehicle detail pages. We also developed the ability to localize searches so users can view offers within a reasonable distance.
For dealers who are not yet members, the homepage of this new responsive website includes information and iconography that illustrate the benefits of online car sales and Off The Block’s process. Visitors are immediately drawn to numerous opportunities to sign up for membership. ZAG’s design team used banner imagery and site-wide photography to be inviting, enticing and informative, as complementary elements to the that explains to auto dealers exactly what Off The Block is and the benefits of its services. We created a platform that delivers their message of convenience, clarity, and trustworthiness, and further supported it with copywriting that magnifies Off The Block’s mission.

PayPal integration

ZAG’s development team incorporated PayPal for quick and safe money transfers, and implemented Google Analytics for comprehensive tracking and accumulation of data to help understand how visitors interact with the site.

In the driver's seat

The overall result is a powerful website that quickly matches buyers and sellers in the used-vehicle marketplace, and will allow Off the Block to expand into other geographic markets as the business takes off.

Off the Block Sales website on ipad Off the Block website mobile design