NorthCountry Federal Credit Union

Helping this credit union be the go-to space for their members’ financial needs

The Challenge

NorthCountry Federal Credit Union, a full-service financial institution based in Vermont, needed a website that would help make members’ dreams come true. With a dated website design, a confusing user experience and technology that was no longer consistent with current trends, the previous version of their site no longer met the needs of its members. Content management and other restrictions prevented NorthCountry FCU from creating a site strategy that supported the credit union’s sales initiatives including attracting audiences, positioning products and solutions and encouraging online account openings. Wanting to enhance their brand as a go-to space for all financial needs, NorthCountry enlisted ZAG Interactive to create a modernized website that supported business and member goals.

increase in sessions per user (year-over-year comparison)

The Solution

Making site management easier

The new site, built in the Kentico CMS, allows for easy and enhanced content management. It provides content sharing capabilities across the site which allow administrators to easily pull in the same content across multiple pages. Custom rates and locations management tools were seamlessly integrated to make centralized management and sitewide updates simple. The Kentico CMS also allows for highly customized and flexible page layouts that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each product the credit union offers.

Streamlining navigation for a better user experience

The updated site architecture streamlined content and defined a more direct path to product, service and resource pages. It is now easier for website visitors to find what they are looking for by reducing the number of clicks it takes to get there. The main navigation has also introduced Quick Links that offer visitors quick access to popular pages and important information.

Communicating the brand through design

With a more modern design in mind, a robust mobile-first experience was created to ensure a consistent user experience for users on all devices. Relatable imagery that communicates a community-oriented, caring and inclusive space was incorporated to meet the current brand guidelines while iconography, NorthCountry’s color palette, and other design elements guide visitors along the page. Additionally, current ADA guidelines were referenced against these elements to maximize accessibility to all website visitors.

Creating a valuable consumer journey

The updated website copy makes financial information easily digestible, conveying an authentic and friendly tone to inspire members to achieve their goals. Strategic financial education and product placement guides users through all stages of the decision-making journey while conversion focused landing pages and built-in forms work to capture qualified leads.

Elevating the content strategy

Based on keyword research and current trends, an enhanced SEO strategy was put into place - including writing custom meta data and optimizing website copy to support placement and positioning within search engine results. A custom blog was also implemented on the new site to not only enhance SEO, but to add value to NorthCountry’s content strategy by guiding members along the consumer journey with insights that support better financial decisions.

Providing tailored solutions with enhanced marketing tools

Creating a unique visitor experience and supporting conversions, a website personalization strategy was established based on key personas and priorities. Based on a site visitor’s on-site behavior, browsing activity, and other classifying criteria, customized promotions are featured in key promotional placements throughout the site. As part of the project, email marketing templates were also designed, developed and configured within Kentico to allow NorthCountry to leverage important contact data and create more targeted marketing messages. This strategy increases overall relevance and effectiveness, while supporting members through every life stage and surfacing solutions that meet their financial needs.

Incorporating conversion-focused strategies to meet goals

A strategic, custom analytics plan helps the credit union understand important consumer behavior while also tracking key performance indicators and digital campaign performance. Easily fillable forms are included on the site to make it easy for visitors to get in touch with the credit union - capturing leads that can grow into relationships. To further encourage applications and next steps, a flexible, conversion-focused landing page layout was designed and developed for marketing campaigns.

As a clean, modern, member-focused website that is intuitive and engaging, NorthCountry is ready to meet the needs of their members and make their dreams come true.

Before & After

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