North American Savings Bank

Appealing to local audiences with a website that reaches nationwide users

Based in metro Kansas City Missouri, North American Savings Bank (NASB) offers localized banking with national lending services. Emphasizing the bank’s distinct audiences, NASB relied on ZAG’s expertise to develop a website redesign strategy that would refresh the brand and re-establish its mission while supporting business goals.

Developing an intuitive and scalable strategy

With the new website, NASB wanted to make it easy for visitors to find what they need. Taking into consideration goals, audiences and other important insights revealed during the initial discovery session, ZAG developed a new site architecture and strategy that would support both customer needs and business objectives. With an organized navigation structure and defined space various content types, the new website will allow for flexibility when adding pages and adjusting to current market trends.

Designing a modern, mobile-friendly website

A series of collaborative wireframing sessions outlined how the different elements of the website would work together. Once the strategic direction was set, a creative responsive design was developed for the new website. Creating an accessible experience, the design follows usability best practices and current ADA guidelines. Balancing brand colors and elements with white space, the design is clean and conveys a clear hierarchy of content – creating a path of the user and highlighting key features. The application imagery and other visual aspects highlight NASB’s friendly, engaging, empathetic and warm personality, contributing to the desired authentic, aspirational vibe.

increase in average session duration

Delivering a customized, holistic user experience

As problem solvers, NASB is committed to helping customers find the right financial solutions. With a custom solutions finder, the bank is able to provide suggestions for products, services and resources based on specific goals, life stage, lifestyle and more. Mirroring the consultative nature of in-branch visits, this helps NASB create rewarding relationships by delivering the guidance and genuine service. Further establishing credibility and empowering visitors to make the right decisions, contextual resources, financial education, comparison charts and real success stories are incorporated into the website. A personalization plan was also implemented to deliver a more customized user experience that surfaces relevant content – from product promotions to blog articles.  

Focusing on lead generation, nurturing and customer service

An on-site search engine optimization strategy was created to increase rankings on search engines for relevant keywords and phrases, and drive more qualified website visits. With prominent calls to action, gated content and custom forms, the website is designed to convert visitors into leads. By collecting contact information, NASB is able to nurture leads and encourage new account openings and loan applications. Supporting consumer needs and catering to individual preferences, it was important for NASB to offer multiple ways for visitors to take action on the new website. A custom designed secondary call to action button on each page reveals several options for users if they want to learn more.

Tracking user behavior and optimizing for conversions

To understand how users are interacting the website, NASB had ZAG’s strategy team develop a custom analytics tracking plan, combined with robust features from the Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud (DEC), including touchpoints, conversion tracking and lead scoring. This enables the bank to track the consumer journey and identify what content is contributing to conversions, so that they can use that insight to optimize the website experience. It also enabled them to customize the website experience for qualified leads to drive conversions.

Enhancing features and developing custom functionality 

With many out-of-the-box features and customization capabilities, NASB chose the Sitefinity CMS for the development of a website experience that was truly unique, powerful and easy-to-use. Integrating seamlessly with many third parties, the new NASB website is able to offer a streamlined experience for customers, from the website through online account and loan applications.

The result is a website that guides visitors to the right financial solutions, generates leads, nurtures relationships and converts them to customers.

ZAG listened to our wants and needs and created a website that met our requirements and exceeded our expectations. This was a complicated project with many moving parts and ZAG kept everything on track in scope.
Joel Hornbostel, Content Marketing Manager, NASB

Before & After

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