Mohegan Tribe

Providing a refreshed website to reinstill pride in a sovereign nation
The Mohegan Tribe is a federally recognized sovereign Indian Nation in Connecticut with its own constitution and government, comprising tribal administrative departments that manage daily functions on the reservation. The Tribe also owns and operations multiple business enterprises throughout the United States that provide benefits to the Tribe and community at large.

As such, the Tribe contacted ZAG Interactive to create a refreshed website that conveys information about government operations and business interests while showcasing Mohegan heritage. The Tribe also wanted a site that reinstills pride and retains visitors with a fresh look and updated content.
Creating a strategic baseline
ZAG started the project by restructuring the website architecture to simplify the display and make it more convenient to access information, all within a clean, modernized design. Once the architecture was defined, ZAG’s design team created a responsive design that allows visitors on any device to experience the Mohegan Tribe’s site in full with its streamlined navigation, easy access to popular sections and dynamic contact methods.

Fresh, need-focused content approach
An important part of the Tribe’s project was to refresh their content to make it more engaging. We edited and crafted web content that exudes a friendly approachability with rich informational details, all woven together in a manner that supports the Tribe’s local SEO goals.

Improved technology through the Sitefinity CMS
ZAG’s development team supported this refreshed design with functionality that improves usability, simplifies content management for Mohegan Tribe administrators, and quickly leads visitors to information they need. Built in the Sitefinity CMS, our development team created a website that is both engaging to view and easy to manage.

Overall, the Mohegan Tribe now has a digital presence that proudly showcases its history and provides relevant updates about Mohegan government and business interests.
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