A critical digital overhaul for this manufacturer

An industry leader in critical cleaning products for over 35 years, MicroCare engaged ZAG to create a premium digital experience that showcased its expertise. MicroCare’s prior website consisted of five separate subdomains for each brand and industry, which was difficult to both manage and navigate. MicroCare needed a new site that was scalable and easy to maintain while offering an intuitive user experience.
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Designing a premium look and feel

ZAG’s highly custom solution consolidates MicroCare’s five subdomains into one streamlined, cohesive experience. The new website makes it easy for visitors to browse products and access related information. Built in the Kentico CMS, this sophisticated new site illustrates MicroCare’s depth of knowledge, expertise and cutting-edge innovation, positioning MicroCare as a true authority on critical cleaning.

Creating an intuitive website architecture

MicroCare’s redesigned website features an intuitive, scalable site architecture that helps visitors find what they’re looking for, however they browse. The navigation is clean and well-organized but also robust and comprehensive. It’s strategized in a way that allows it to grow and expand along with MicroCare’s business.

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Empowering visitors to self-service

The new website includes several custom-developed features and functionalities to help customers find the right products for them and connect with their local distributors. A highly custom Resource Center houses a repository of related content, creating a guided experience that helps support the customer journey and enables visitors to self-service.

Delivering a best-in-class website experience

MicroCare’s new website is responsive and ADA conformant, ensuring full accessibility to all users across all devices. Additionally, SEO best practices help to maximize organic search visibility, while advanced Google Analytics provide detailed performance insights. MicroCare will also be leveraging some of the advanced marketing features of Kentico as the website continues to grow and scale.

Before & After

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