Michigan First Credit Union

Creating a website with enhanced capabilities and accessibility

The Challenge

Michigan First Credit Union had previously revealed a refreshed brand on its website, but an increased focus on web accessibility, as well as the desire to consolidate the primary credit union site, Michigan First Mortgage and Michigan First Foundation into a single website made it the right time to completely rebuild.

The old website had limited search capabilities, content management restrictions and styling issues. It also lacked ADA fields and cross promotional space. Michigan First wanted the new website to be fully accessible, mobile-friendly and adaptable, while staying consistent with the brand.

increase in pages per session from mobile phones

The Solution

Improved site maintenance and content management

The new site is built in the Kentico CMS, which allows for easy and enhanced content management and marketing. It also provides better content sharing capabilities across the site, leveraging a library construct which allows administrators to pull in the same content on multiple pages, as opposed to manually on every page. Additionally, custom rates , locations and event management tools make centralized management and sitewide updates simple.

Enhanced site structure and design strategy

Michigan First’s new website is made up of several layouts with custom webparts and widgets that can be used flexibly throughout the site. From related resources and events to cross promotions and product benefits, the credit union can optimize each page and experience to support specific product, service and brand content.

The new architecture includes an intuitive navigation and robust menu that provides streamlined access to all pages on the previously separate sites. Easily accessible links, featured content, and an integrated site search provide quick access to important information. Relatable iconography and realistic imagery work to make meaningful connections with visitors and convey key messages clearly.

Increased attractiveness and accessibility

SEO optimized site copy is now supported by fresh content in a custom designed and developed blog. Together, this helps attract quality visitors to the site, while communicating the unique benefits of Michigan First’s brand and financial solutions. The responsive design creates a positive experience for users across all screen size and devices. Additionally, conformance to current ADA guidelines ensures usability for all visitors, including those with disabilities.

Advanced conversion features and tracking

From prominent calls to action and built-in forms, conversion-focused elements help encourage action and generate leads. Contextual tools spotlight solutions and support priority product adoption, while a custom solutions finder presents tailored recommendations based on a selected life stage or goal and guides visitors along the consumer journey. Tracking capabilities offer an opportunity to understand user engagement with the website, and how that behavior contributes to results, from page visits and clicks to further progression through the decision-making process.

The new Michigan First site successfully supports the credit union and its member goals, now and in the future, as priorities and timely trends evolve.

Before & After

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