Metro Credit Union Facebook Ad Campaign

A social media campaign to encourage app downloads

Founded in 1926, Metro Credit Union has grown into the largest state-chartered credit union in Massachusetts. In keeping with their mission of providing exceptional service and expert guidance to help members achieve their financial goals, they wanted to better reach members not using the mobile banking app. ZAG consulted with Metro CU and developed a Facebook ad strategy that effectively targeted members without the app and showcase the app’s benefits and capabilities.

Facebook Ad Campaign Strategy

The first Facebook ad deployed was a Facebook Carousel ad, which showed a series of scrollable image cards, each image leading to the respective page on Metro CU’s website for specific feature details. The second series of Facebook ads were created to speak to the Apple and Android users separately and featured different content that was only applicable to those devices.

Using Facebook Custom Audiences to Target Specific Credit Union Members

Both Facebook ads were targeted to current members that hadn’t installed the mobile banking app. By using the Facebook Custom Audience feature, ZAG was able to ensure that exactly the right people were seeing the ads. This custom retargeting approach made a difference with this campaign – since ¾ of the resulting traffic was comprised of new site visitors.

Utilizing Content Marketing Strategy to Monitor Traffic

Both of the single-image based ads drove to the Mobile App page on the Metro Credit Union website where people could find links to the respective app stores. To be able to monitor traffic and provide more detail about the app’s capabilities, ZAG drove ad traffic to the website instead of directly to the respective app store.

Facebook Ad Campaign ROI

Using the power of social media strategy, these campaigns led to an increase in website visitors and ultimately more downloads of the mobile app, achieving Metro Credit Unions marketing goals. Key highlights include:

  • The Carousel ad received a $0.48 CPC, which beat the industry benchmark of $3.77 per click.

  • This main ad also received a 2.6% CTR, beating industry benchmarks of .56%.

  • The Apple targeted ad received $0.89 CPC, keeping under the industry benchmark mentioned above.

  • The Andriod targeted ad came in with a 1.11% CTR, also beating industry benchmarks.

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