Healthways FIT

A member portal that provides education and delivers valuable data about participants.

Healthways is a Franklin, Tennessee-based company focused on improving the lives and well-being of active senior citizens. The company’s Healthways FIT initiative informs seniors about the benefits of active, healthful living and gets them involved in the Silver Sneakers fitness program.

Many health insurance plans offer Silver Sneakers to group retirees and people who are eligible for Medicare, and Silver Sneakers provides a fitness center membership to any participating location in the U.S. Healthways wanted to attract more people to Silver Sneakers while gaining more insight into participants’ interests, exercise habits and goals by capturing data about them.

Development assists company’s research

ZAG Interactive’s development team created the Healthways FIT portal and lead-in site in the Sitefinity CMS to achieve this goal. Healthways FIT targets the general population of active seniors and provides portions of compelling and timely content on the lead-in site that people can access in full once they sign up for a free Healthways FIT membership. Then participants can interact with others, share content through embedded social media platform links and become active participants in the Healthways FIT online community.

Portal for market segmentation and personalized content

During the registration process, Healthways captures the data necessary to provide more relevant information about exercising and healthful living while encouraging seniors to take advantage of various Silver Sneakers offerings at their local fitness center. The portal we developed allows Healthways to segment members as current Silver Sneakers participants, people who are eligible for Silver Sneakers but haven’t participated, and future eligible Silver Sneakers participants in order to offer personalized content that aligns with people’s personal interests the information they provided during registration.

Integrated helpful solutions

The Healthways FIT project required ZAG to develop solutions that connected seamlessly with the client’s databases to access relevant information and integrate it into the portal. ZAG also collaborated with third-party vendors hired by Healthways, as well as Hubspot, to integrate tools that allow members to order fitness kits and track personal fitness goals in fun ways.

Healthways FIT, a responsive website, now serves as a service center for Silver Sneakers members who can log in and access information via articles and videos while using the portal to manage their account. Meanwhile, Healthways can use the portal as an educational platform that allows them to better understand participants in their Silver Sneakers program.

Healthways FIT Redesign