GVTC Communications

Transforming a Texas cable provider’s digital presence for today’s market

GVTC Communications, a large communications provider in Texas, chose ZAG Interactive to transform their digital presence. Phase one of the project encompassed responsive redesign and development, integration with third-party vendors, wireframing, website copywriting, digital style guide, search engine marketing and social media strategy. The project required leadership and execution from ZAG’s integrated design, development and marketing teams.

Unique design for a competitive advantage

ZAG’s design team delivered a modern, clean and intuitive design and navigation that distinguishes them from competing communications companies. ZAG implemented engaging product and lifestyle photography to connect more personally to GVTC’s audience. The new design provided a significant amount of promotional spaces and large rotating banners to showcase GVTC products and services on the home page as well as the internal pages. There also are appropriate cross-promotions that appear in the mega menus and on internal pages. Part of GVTC’s strategy was to emphasize their community involvement as a differentiating factor, and we designed the new site to draw attention to the GVTC Foundation.

Powerful copywriting and marketing strategy

ZAG’s copywriting and marketing teams overhauled GVTC’s content by creating and executing a thorough search engine optimization strategy to enhance the site’s ranking on search engines. Our copywriting strategy implemented keywords while creating an inviting and personalized tone to appeal to GVTC’s audience.

Ongoing technology partnership

ZAG became a technology consultant to GVTC early in this project’s life and the role has expanded with GVTC’s plans to offer customers the ability to upgrade their communications services through the new website. ZAG’s expertise in service-oriented architecture (SOA) is driving this component of the project. Our development team is enhancing GVTC’s e-commerce capabilities to meet this goal while architecting solutions in the back end of the website that talk to internal systems to facilitate these transactions.

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