Premier Bank Social Media Checking Campaign

Generating new checking accounts with social media advertising
ZAG and Premier Bank have enjoyed a long-term website support and social media partnership, and after a recent rebranding, Premier Bank asked ZAG to create a Facebook campaign to promote checking accounts. Understanding the unique value of social media in the consumer journey, ZAG devised a comprehensive strategy that would work to increase awareness, drive engagement and support conversions. This included a mix of content types, from animations and image-based ads, to even a branded meme.
conversion rate
Each ad was targeted specifically to distinct market areas, allowing the bank to optimize its budget based on audiences. The ads drove to a custom campaign landing page with information about the offer, as well as prominent calls to action and content to encourage applications. Custom tracking was set up to understand how visitors engaged with the page, from standard analytics activity to clicks to the third-party application. Using Facebook’s custom conversions, ZAG was able to draw connections between ad views and application access and completions.
  • 4,399 landing page views, with an average cost of $1.26 per view
  • 2% engagement rate, surpassing the 0.09% median engagement rate across all industries
  • 6,355 unique link clicks, resulting in a 1.15% unique click-through rate, which is significantly above the industry average of 0.52%
  • Average cost per click of $0.87, which is significantly below the industry average of $3.44
  • 79 consumers reached the Checking Account Application after viewing the ad, and 3 of those individuals completed the application, resulting in a 3.79% conversion rate.
Overall, this campaign was effective in increasing awareness, generating interest and delivering real results for Premier Bank in an industry and market area that is highly competitive.
How We Helped
Using Facebook ads to drive real business results, from website traffic to account applications.