General Electric Credit Union

A credit union site designed for Improving the Quality of Financial Lives

The Challenge

The previous version of the General Electric Credit Union (GECU) website did not match its updated brand strategy and guidelines, lacked marketing strategy, and it was not consistent with the credit union’s branch transformation efforts. It was on a proprietary CMS which limited layout flexibility, user management, version tracking and the ability to keep up with the latest technology. GECU wanted to modernize its website presence through strategic marketing, mobile-friendly design, and advanced features and functionality to support the credit union’s mission of “Improving the Quality of Financial Lives.”

increase in page views (year-over-year comparison)

The Solution

Delivering a positive user experience with an intuitive flow and flexibility

The initial site audit and collaborative discovery session revealed opportunities to improve and enhance the site. Starting with an overhaul of the site architecture, the updated menu creates unique experiences for GECU’s distinct audiences, establishing tailored journeys so members can find what they are looking for quickly and easily.
The content strategy allows for further customization with life stage and goal-based content, purposeful brand and product positioning, contextual resources and more. Flexible page layouts incorporate various content types allow for more agility and the creation of unique page and product experiences that align with the credit union’s timely marketing and business goals.

Engaging consumers and telling the brand story with a more modern design

The new responsive website design creates an enhanced user experience across devices, from mobile to desktop. The strategic use of color and design components better reflects GECU’s promise, as well as its warm, welcoming and approachable personality. Interactive elements, engaging photography and iconography, as well as strategic use of brand elements encourage site exploration and creates a more consultative environment that mimics a branch visit. Color contrast and other accessibility considerations are strongly reflected in the site to ensure conformance with current ADA guidelines and usability for all visitors, including those with visual, auditory and other disabilities.

Supporting business goals with strategic marketing and brand positioning

Based on research and best practices, the on-site SEO strategy is designed to increase visibility in search engine results and to drive valuable website traffic. Offering additional opportunities to attract qualified consumers, the blog covers a range of financial topics that may appeal to users at various stages of the consumer journey, from awareness to consideration. Quick access to applications, website copywriting support, conversion-focused landing pages and submittable forms drive new lead generation. Strategic placement of competitive differentiators strengthen the credit union’s market positioning, while cross promotions inspire additional product usage among existing members.

Introducing advanced website technology, features and functionality

Built in the Kentico CMS, the site uses a combination of robust out-of-the box components, as well as many custom developed features to create a truly unique, engaging and branded experience. Allowing for quick load time, seamless integration with third parties, mobile-friendliness and more, the site’s technology contributes to a positive user experience and marketing effectiveness. With easy-to-use administration features and a customizable dashboard, Kentico simplifies site maintenance, from standard content updates to streamlined rates and FAQs management. The CMS also provides user access management and version history to meet all compliance requirements.  

As part of the launch, a website tour was included to introduce visitors to the new website, helping them find favorites, like online banking, and explore new features. The new GECU site offers a more engaging experience to guide visitors along the consumer journey and drive conversions – supporting both member and business goals.

Before & After

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