First Federal Bank Branch Out Campaign

A variety of integrated marketing tactics to acquire millennial customers

First Federal Bank wanted to increase new E-Checking account openings among millennials in specific geographic markets and position themselves as the best choice against the bigger banks. To create awareness, engagement and conversion, ZAG Interactive developed an integrated marketing campaign with the theme, “Branch Out” which was used to promote the lifestyle benefits associated with banking outside of the branch. This campaign included a series of interactive social media posts and several traditional marketing elements to help the Bank earn new accounts and create buzz within the market, both online and offline.

Event marketing support

First Federal Bank leveraged the expertise of ZAG’s marketing and design teams to create a variety of integrated marketing tactics which included a custom logo, t-shirt design, flyer, rollup banner, branch poster, landing page, homepage banner, social media contest and Facebook campaign. These elements were created to help the Bank create consistency across several channels.

In addition, ZAG’s digital team advised the Bank on how to set up their booth at the events, suggested branded giveaways related to the campaign theme, outlined a script for Bank employees to use at the events, and recommended various games to play at their booth to engage attendees.

Social media design & marketing

To create awareness and engagement online, ZAG Interactive developed a social media photo contest and a series of image-based posts for Facebook, which were targeted to millennials that lived in specific cities within First Federal Bank’s footpirint. The Facebook promoted posts spoke about the lifestyle benefits of E-Checking and promoted the social media contest and events that First Federal Bank was attending.

The interactive social media posts led to a landing page which outlined all of the benefits of the product, an event calendar of sponsored events, and information about how to enter the photo contest for a chance to win a cash prize. Custom analytics tracking was used to see if people were applying for checking accounts, and a Facebook pixel was added to the landing page to build a custom audience for remarketing.

Campaign results

This integrated campaign proved to be successful for First Federal Bank, increasing brand awareness, consideration and conversions among the target market.
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