First American Bank

A bank website that does more for their customers

First American Bank is the largest privately held bank in Illinois, and prides itself on providing big bank service while knowing its customers by name instead of an account number. Focused on building meaningful relationships, the bank relied on ZAG’s expertise to redesign its website and provide an enhanced online experience for existing and prospective customers.

decrease in bounce rate (year over year)

Creating a more intuitive site strategy

It was important that the new website allow for quick access to key pages with few clicks. The new site architecture includes expanded menus organized by audience and goal to help users navigate and find what they need faster. Prominent links to popular information - from online banking to customer service and locations – make it easier for customers to get in touch and perform banking transactions.

Developing a user-friendly design

First American Bank wanted a mobile-first approach that would provide a positive experience for users across all devices. The responsive website design automatically adjusts to various screen sizes while offering full access to all website features, ensuring consistency for users on mobile devices to desktop computers. The updated look and feel helps to refresh the bank’s brand and image, maintaining a sense of tradition with its long-standing mission and values. To ensure a seamless transition with third parties and other platforms, a style guide was developed to outline the use of the brand colors and other visual elements within digital spaces. Optimizing for accessibility, the website is also conformant to current website ADA guidelines

Providing big service with a personal touch

First American Bank distinguishes itself from competitors by providing personal attention to customers that only a community bank could offer. The new website features location-based content, including rates, terms and disclosures, delivering a personalized experience on a large scale. The site also personalizes content and promotions based on pages visited and other on-site activity to create a more tailored customer journey. Helping customers make the best financial decisions, the website contains customized financial education articles that cover a variety of topics, supporting the bank’s content marketing strategy, appealing to users at different stages in the consumer journey, and encouraging return visitors. New life stage and goal-based content helps position products and services while providing personalized recommendations based on a consumer’s interest.

Providing valuable content for visitors

Adding to the overall experience, the website copy was overhauled and rewritten to deliver more engaging and digestible content. In addition to user-friendly bulleted content, comparison charts and other more graphic forms of content, iconography is used to give visual cues that resonate with First American Bank’s audience. Making content more relatable and less like a traditional bank, the copy minimizes financial jargon so customers can more easily understand product details and discover the right solutions for their needs. 

Increasing online visibility for the brand

To increase brand awareness and online visibility among prospective customers, First American Bank worked closely with ZAG’s strategy and marketing teams. As part of the website redesign, an advanced SEO strategy was implemented, optimizing meta data and site content for organic search engines. A website launch campaign was developed and executed, increasing awareness of the new website among customers while showcasing First American Bank’s brand and priorities. A site tour was developed to introduce visitors to the new site, highlighting popular elements, such as the online banking login, as well as enhanced features and functionality. Through an ongoing marketing retainer, ZAG’s team continues to collaborate with bank staff on integrated strategies that support First American Bank’s business goals.  

Building a better experience

With out-of-the-box options and capabilities for customization, the Kentico CMS allowed for the development of a website that was truly unique to First American Bank. Flexible templates, including a landing page, as well as robust widgets allow First American Bank to maintain consistency across the site while establishing tailored experiences for marketing effectiveness. A user-friendly dashboard and custom tools to manage numerous rate sources, locations, FAQs and more, make it simple for administrators to maintain the site and make streamlined updates. Custom analytics help the bank understand user engagement and behavior so they can optimize for lead generation. 

Before & After

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