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Providing a lift to a financial institution’s site
Opening its doors in 1947, Financial Horizons Credit Union (Financial Horizons)’s mission is to make life better throughout its communities. Over the years, Financial Horizons Credit Union has added branches, expanded services, supported its communities and provided jobs in Nevada. The institution’s. To assure that its website reflects its evolving offerings, Financial Horizons Credit Union contracted ZAG Interactive (ZAG) for a redesign.

Simplifying via strategy

Financial Horizons and ZAG met to determine short- and long-term goals, as well as key components for the new site during a collaborative discovery session. The project team from Financial Horizons expressed that the primary objective for the redeveloped web presence was to make its website easy to use and understand. Another point of emphasis for the new website was to offer enhanced educational content to members. With this direction, ZAG strategists planned out the website architecture, including a detailed site map that served as the main guide for the redesign.

Communicating with copy

To expand its member messaging, Financial Horizons used ZAG’s copywriting services to craft customized copy for each page of the new site. The new copy approach is concise, yet informative, driving the credit union’s members towards desired information on products and services in a relatable manner. Furthermore, the web content follows best practices for search engine optimization. Overall, the website copy feels fun, while still positioning the Nevada financial institution as professional.

Designing for usefulness

Bringing forth Financial Horizon’s brand in a user-friendly interface, ZAG’s designers created a distinct look and feel for new site, while leveraging ZAG’s existing framework to keep the project more economical. The design team applied purposeful white space, permitting the color palette and slice-of-life images to pop, while drawing the user towards important information. The dynamic page templates include lifestyle imagery, prominent calls to action, eye-catching promotions and graphical bands of well-organized content. Offering a seamless experience regardless of device, responsive design was implemented for mobile viewing. The resulting design is vibrant and engaging for members of Financial Horizon.

Programming features into development

ZAG’s development team built the website in the Umbraco CMS. ZAG programmers successfully integrated Financial Horizons’ third-party platforms for everything from online banking to charitable donations. Additionally, a rates management tool allows for administrators to easily update and promote rates throughout the site from the content management system. The site features embedded forms, so members can contact the credit union from various touchpoints throughout the site, simultaneously assisting Financial Horizons with lead generation. The website also adheres to ADA website compliance standards for accessibility. The new site successfully delivers many modern features with plenty of room to grow.

Now, the redesigned site meets the credit union’s desire to provide an online tool to help uplift its membership. Blending smart strategy, engaging content, deliberate design, functional development and straightforward marketing, Financial Horizon’s new site is much more than a routine facelift.

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