Farmington Bank

A responsive bank website to better support this Connecticut bank

Note: Farmington Bank was acquired by People's United Bank in 2018, at this point the site was sunset.

Farmington Bank is a venerable institution with deep roots in Connecticut dating back to 1851. As a full-service community bank with 26 branch locations, the bank has a history of evolving to meet customers’ needs of the times while striving to provide excellent service. Farmington Bank approached ZAG Interactive needing a revitalized website that reflects their commitment to providing customers easy access to valuable information and making it easier for them to manage their personal and business accounts.

Laying the strategic foundation

After doing a competitive review to understand the opportunities in the landscape, ZAG created a site with a website architecture system that achieves the simplicity Farmington Bank desired. The responsive design reflects Farmington Bank’s approachability and introduces opportunities to explore their array of banking and lending services, without overwhelming visitors. Streamlined navigation means fewer menus and menu options, while quickly directing people to their destinations.

A design focused on visitor needs

Visitors can access rates, explore products and services, apply for loans online and contact Farmington Bank in fewer than a handful of clicks. The new, AA compliant design also underwent UX testing to confirm that it would meet customers’ diverse needs. The new website places greater emphasis on digital brand consistency, so ZAG created a web styleguide that helps Farmington Bank’s team understand how the brand needs to be consistently portrayed across all of the Bank’s digital spaces.

A fresh content strategy

To complement the visual reimagining of Farmington Bank’s site, their content needed reworking to meet their overall goals. ZAG worked as a content consultant to achieve a more approachable tone that continues to position the bank as a trustworthy financial expert, all while supporting Farmington Bank’s SEO goals.

Leveraging the power of the Kentico CMS

ZAG’s development team supported the modern design with functionality that enhances the user experience, simplifies content management for Farmington Bank administrators, and helps visitors quickly access information and tools they need to take care of their business. Built in the Kentico CMS, our development team integrated Farmington Bank’s third-party online banking platform along with several other third-parties.

A custom rates management tool enables Farmington Bank officials to easily manage rates in a centralized location rather than spending time on piecemeal, page-by-page rate updates. Our team also created a locations management tool and implemented multiple third-party calculators that help visitors do research as they make important financial decisions.

To allow Farmington Bank officials to deeply understand and continually assess the website activity, ZAG’s strategy team developed a custom analytics plan that allows for far more intelligence than what comes “out of the box” from traditional analytics platforms.

The new website now offers a digital presence that captures the spirit of Farmington Bank and provides convenience and powerful functionality to customers, while arming Farmington Bank officials with powerful technology and data to scale the site to meet future demands.

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