Conveying trustworthiness and innovation through the website of a global leader in investment analysis.

eVestment is an Atlanta-based provider of investment data and analysis to a global clientele of institutions in the financial services industry. Our website redesign project needed to advance eVestment’s web presence to reflect its brand attributes of trustworthiness and innovation.

Modern financial services design for savvy clients

We designed a clean, modern visual presentation that complements the simpler navigation enabling visitors to easily access information from the homepage and click through the entire site. The navigation leads to internal pages that are content-rich and feature the dynamic, modern presentation we achieved on the homepage.

By using slightly abstract images throughout all pages, we accurately convey eVestment’s innovative and large-scale capabilities. Through the large, rotating banner, we promote their brand attributes, specifically their ability to work globally, and showcase their products and solutions.

Additionally, we created a custom mobile site for eVestment that incorporates all of these design components and synthesizes the main site’s content into an accessible format.

Powerful technology via the Sitefinity CMS

eVestment can highlight their company news, insights, mission and featured client through a dedicated four-box promotional area underneath the dynamic banner. Their case studies are easily accessible to advance their status as a trustworthy, knowledgeable company with a global presence. Another rotating banner at the bottom of the screen cycles through a lineup of client logos to position eVestment as an intelligent choice based on their experience and clientele.

eVestment’s web presence now reflects its position as a global leader in investment data and analysis.

eVestment home page evestment responsive design