Envision Credit Union

A responsive, helpful website for this thriving credit union
Our friends at Envision Credit Union, headquartered in Florida’s state capital, needed a revamped website that caters to their members in Tallahassee, Leon County and beyond state borders. As a credit union rooted in education and serving Leon County teachers since 1954, Envision wanted to maintain a local feel on the website while modernizing the design and functionality for its mobile-savvy members.


Designing with local flavor and impact

ZAG’s design team created a sleek, responsive design that achieves Envision’s goals of showcasing important site elements while creating an intuitive information architecture that simplifies navigation. The modern design emphasizes Envision’s chat functionality, making it easier to locate on a page, as well as the Silvercloud searchable knowledge base that was previously underutilized because of its positioning on the site.

The site’s imagery feels local to Florida communities and conveys a message of financial education wherever possible. New images also tell Envision’s story of long-standing commitment to giving back to Leon County communities it serves.

Copywriting to support user and SEO goals

Our marketing expert enhanced Envision’s digital presence for search engine algorithms through targeted SEO research and page tagging. The same data was used by our copywriting department to weave important keywords into content that carries a professional tone and threads the needle to avoid being too witty or too dry. Clear, direct calls to action guide visitors to open an account, apply for a loan, or take any other relevant next step, depending on the overall message of each page.

Using the Umbraco CMS as the development foundation

Our developers built Envision’s site in the Umbraco CMS and seamlessly integrated multiple financial calculators that benefit Envision’s members’ research and decision-making. Additionally we created an easy transition for members who wish to gain more financial education through a third-party site with which Envision contracts. Following the site launch, ZAG also rebuilt Envision's "Success for Educators" blog within the Umbraco CMS to make management and posting seamless.

As a result of our strategy, design, marketing and technology, Envision is accurately portrayed as a resourceful and knowledgeable financial partner that is committed to education and community service.

Envision CU responsive website ZAG's tablet design for Envision Credit Union