Dominion Energy Credit Card Campaign

An integrated marketing approach to promote a new product

Since redesigning their website in 2016, Dominion Energy Credit Union has continued to work with ZAG Interactive on ongoing marketing campaigns to support various business goals – from driving valuable site traffic to generating new membership.

When Dominion Energy CU introduced a new Cash Back Credit Card to their suite of banking solutions, the credit union trusted ZAG Interactive to develop a marketing plan that would increase awareness of the card among a target audience of those most likely to apply. Leveraging a variety of digital marketing tactics, ZAG provided strategy, design and development services to help execute the plan, which involved a landing page, website promotions, social media ads, email marketing, and more.  

Optimizing content and driving conversions

Beginning with keyword research to ensure all digital marketing material was optimized for search engine optimization (SEO), ZAG wrote new keyword-rich web copy highlighting the product feature and benefits for the existing credit cards page on their site. Using this data and details, ZAG created a custom campaign landing page that served as the destination page to which all campaign pieces would drive to encourage conversions.

Reaching the right audiences online

Increasing awareness of the new Cash Back Credit Card among all existing membership, ZAG created a homepage banner, online banking banner and mega menu banner that encouraged visitors to click through to the landing page and learn more about the product. To reach a more specific audience, ZAG designed and placed Facebook Carousel ads targeted to a list of qualified members, as well as fans and friends of fans. In addition to this, ZAG developed an email that was sent by Dominion to the same targeted list of members. Expanding the potential audience by ensuring accessibility to all online users, the credit cards application on the website was updated to be conformant with ADA standards.

Achieving results across all channels

Upon campaign completion, ZAG analyzed and reported on overall campaign performance. Key highlights include:

  • A Facebook ad had a click-thru rate 30% higher than the industry benchmark
  • The general credit card product page had a 71% increase in pageviews during the campaign, compared to the previous time-period.
  • The landing page received a total of 840 pageviews, with direct traffic, email, organic search and social media being the top four sources of traffic, respectively.
  • With an above average open rate (21.2%) and click-thru rate (4.2 %), the first email drove a total of 180 website sessions with an average session duration of 4 minutes and 37 seconds.
Using an integrated marketing approach, this campaign successfully combined several tactics to attract and appeal to consumers, achieving Dominion Energy CU’s awareness and engagement objectives.

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