Dominion Energy Credit Union Website Launch Campaign

A website launch campaign to generate buzz for this Virginia credit union's new site

Dominion Energy Credit Union, formerly known as Dominion Credit Union, was gearing up to launch their new website and wanted to prepare their membership base for the transition while creating excitement for the new, award-winning website. Dominion Energy CU turned to ZAG to create a marketing strategy for their website launch, which consisted of a variety of tactics to inform and engage their audience both before and after the website launch.

New website launch campaign

To notify members about the upcoming website changes, ZAG’s marketing and design teams developed a  website launch campaign. Starting before the new site launched and extending until and after the launch, this campaign reduced any confusion for existing members while showcasing the new web design, features and benefits. Integrating both traditional marketing services like branding and print advertising, and digital marketing tactics including email marketing, social media marketing, this website launch campaign reached existing members both online and offline.

Incentivizing members to explore the new site

Before the new website was launched, ZAG developed a landing page with information about the upcoming transition, a homepage banner, online banking banners and an email message to reach existing members. ZAG’s analytics team immediately noted a positive shift in pageviews, visitors, average time on site, average pages per session and bounce rate for the pre-launch tactics.

Once the new website went live, ZAG launched a scavenger hunt contest that asked a series of questions to site visitors for a chance to win one of three prizes. These questions aligned with the new features of the website, including the site architecture and rates section, while driving visitors to learn more about the credit union’s key products and services. 

Success metrics

The website launch campaign for the Dominion Energy website launch proved to be successful at informing and engaging site visitors. Exploring campaign success quantitatively, Dominion Energy CU collected over 800 contest entries, while seeing a 36% increase in new visitors. Additionally, Dominion Energy was able to ease members into the new site in a fun and creative way, and generate excitement and engagement among members.

dominion launch campaign banner