DATCU Credit Union

A new credit union website to serve its members’ best interests

Serving almost 100,000 members, DATCU credit union is a Texas-based financial institution offering a full-suite of services. Genuinely committed to the “people helping people” philosophy and guided by its members’ best interests, DATCU decided it was time to redesign its website and hired ZAG Interactive to make its goals a reality. DATCU aimed to deliver a more valuable online experience that better reflects its promises to its people and community, while facilitating site maintenance and keeping security a top priority.  

Strategic Website Planning

Kicking off the project, a discovery session was held between project teams at DATCU and ZAG. During this collaborative meeting, important objectives for the new website were discussed, such as technology priorities, increasing visitor engagement, communicating competitive differences, and positioning DATCU as a full-service financial institution to establish longer-term relationships. Following this phase, ZAG’s strategists developed a new site architecture that includes a user-friendly, easy-to-navigate menu that makes it easier for visitors to find what they need. Showcasing DATCU’s solutions and unique service, the main navigation reveals a robust, organized menu of offerings including helpful resources and reasons why someone should bank with DATCU. These features, along with other important site elements – were defined as part of a comprehensive site strategy, giving direction for design and ensuring the site supports the credit union’s short and longer-term goals.

Creating a Helpful and Modern Design

With the redesign, DATCU wanted to create a website that was fresh, friendly and welcoming to visitors. Creating an equally positive experience across all screen sizes and devices, the new website uses responsive design technology and follows current WCAG ADA guidelines to ensure usability for all visitors. The use of brand colors and whitespace, combined with imagery and iconography created a clean, uncluttered design. It also establishes a unified experience with various focal points that highlight key messages, and allows the user to effortlessly explore and take action. Additionally, having originated as a teacher’s credit union, the new DATCU site uses a combination of tactics– from visuals to content – to communicate that it serves anyone living or working in its community charter or affiliated with an employer or business partner.

Freshening Site Messaging Through Strategic Copywriting

As part of the website redesign project, DATCU also needed to modernize its website content to fit with the new design and image. Copywriting was key to creating fresh content, maintaining a warm, welcoming tone and positioning products and as helpful solutions. It was also crucial to supporting the overall site search engine optimization strategy. Based on concentrated keyword research in DATCU’s Texas geographic footprint, target keywords and phrases were strategically incorporated into the website content, title tags and descriptions for each individual page.

Powerful and Secure Kentico CMS Development

The website was built on the Kentico CMS to meet DATCU’s need for a secure CMS that was easy to use and would also support continued growth. Custom features include secure forms, a rates management tool that allows for simple sitewide rate updates, custom widgets and more. Integrating with a variety of third parties, from online banking to calculators, the website creates a seamless experience that maintains confidence as visitors find what they were looking for and use the site’s many resources.
The new DATCU website encompasses the credit union’s products and purpose, while supporting its members needs.

DATCU website on laptop DATCU website on mobile phone
ZAG researched DATCU and represented our credit union beautifully through strategic copy and stunning graphics. Thank you, ZAG!
Chad Lock, Marketing Specialist, DATCU Credit Union

Before & After

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