Credit Union ONE SEO Strategy

Creating online visibility for a local credit union

As part of an overall website redesign project, Credit Union ONE worked with ZAG Interactive to create a search engine optimization strategy that would improve their rankings in organic search results. This initially involved performing targeted keyword research, incorporating keyword-rich content into the website, and developing custom meta data that aligned with the defined SEO approach.

Conducting an SEO audit

After the new website launched, ZAG performed a complete SEO audit to provide a comprehensive overview of the credit union’s SEO status. Outlining strengths and opportunities, this audit set the groundwork for ongoing search optimization, content strategy and continued SEO success. With this foundation, Credit Union ONE relies on ZAG to maintain its SEO strategy and support local search rankings for select products and services based on current business objectives.  

Focusing on key marketing priorities

When Credit Union ONE wanted to increase online visibility of their mortgage products, the Michigan credit union worked with ZAG to establish a focused SEO strategy for those pages. ZAG started by performing relevant keyword research in their defined geographic footprint. Identifying optimal keywords based on search volume and competition, ZAG established and executed an integrated plan to enhance the meta data and mortgage page content.

Increase in visitors entering the site through mortgage pages

Seeing the results of the strategy

Appealing to search crawlers while remaining valuable to visitors, the strategy worked to improve Credit Union ONE’s ranking in relevant search results and drive valuable website traffic after just one month. Some of the impressive results included:

  • The number of times visitors entering the site through the mortgage pages increased by 28%
  • Pageviews for mortgage pages increased 11%
  • The average time on page for mortgage pages increased 20%
  • The bounce rate on mortgage pages decreased 3% 

There were also significant improvements to their rankings for key terms on search engines. Across four key phrases, Credit Union ONE’s position in search engine results increased by an average of 136.42%.

Ongoing SEO service

ZAG regularly monitors and optimizes Credit Union ONE’s search engine optimization strategy with monthly SEO services. This includes developing meta data for new pages, making recommendations to enhance website content, and reporting on overall performance.
This collaborative and continuous approach to SEO supports the credit union’s goals and aligns with SEO best practices as they evolve.

Zag has worked diligently as a collaborative partner reviving and rethinking our SEO as we transitioned to a new website. The results have exceeded our expectations and given life to a resurgent focus on SEO at Credit Union ONE.
Phil Berard | Manager, Digital Marketing and Communications Strategy | Credit Union ONE
How We Helped
ZAG helped increase this credit union's ranking in search results with an informed SEO strategy.