Copper State Credit Union

Creating value for visitors through a website redesign

Since 1971, Copper State CU (formerly Deer Valley Credit Union) has been committed to helping improve its members’ financial well-being. Dedicated to providing exceptional service and supporting the community, the credit union uplifts its Arizona neighbors by staying true to its mission and values. Consistent with these guiding principles, Copper State CU chose ZAG Interactive to redesign its website and create a digital presence that would offer more value to its members.

Starting with strategy

During a collaborate discovery session between Copper State CU and ZAG, important goals and objectives for the website were discussed, including updating the design, delivering an enhanced user experience, illustrating enhanced value for members, providing helpful resources, and reflecting a more solutions-oriented approach to product promotion. After a thorough site audit, ZAG created a new site architecture that offered streamlined and intuitive navigation for visitors, as well as scalability to grow and change with the credit union. Ensuring the site successfully highlights key pages and positions the brand, a design strategy was then developed outlining important themes and elements such as key product features, promotions, resources, articles and more.

Designing for success

The refreshed and responsive website design was created to reflect an authentic, friendly, and charismatic experience. Using a balance of white space and brand colors, ZAG’s team designed a clean, uncluttered website design that was simple and modern. Imagery used on the site is fun and youthful, highlighting real moments and experiences based on the products being promoted. In addition to the website, a custom landing page template was designed, eliminating extra, unnecessary elements to support campaigns and conversion rates. Like all site created by ZAG Interactive, the website was also designed to be ADA conformant, increasing the overall usability of the website for all visitors no matter their disability.

Marketing that works

Focusing on financial education, ZAG also designed and developed a new blog for the website. Providing fresh, keyword-rich content for visitors and search engines, the new blog included client-provided content that supports the site’s research-based search engine optimization (SEO) strategy while establishing trust and attracting individuals at different stages in the decision journey. Further contributing the SEO, the new website copy, written by ZAG Interactive, naturally infused relevant keyword and phrases, a best practice for success. The web content also effectively communicates product value, important information and more while representing Copper State CU’s unique personality.

Building a better experience

The website leverages the power of the Kentico Content Management System (CMS) to provide for easy ongoing management, enhanced functionality, creative customization and more. A rates management tool was developed to allow for simple, streamlined updates to the website. And, a custom website tour available on the home page showcases some of the new site’s features and functionality, helping to orient members and other site visitors.

The resulting website offers visitors enhanced value and supports the credit union’s continued commitment to members.

Note: This site was rebranded as Copper State Credit Union in 2020.

copper state cu website
The website redesign with ZAG Interactive gave Deer Valley Credit Union the opportunity to bring our brand of simplicity to this digital channel through a clean and engaging design along with user-friendly navigation. We’ve received numerous positive comments from our members about how easy it is to find exactly what they need.
Jenn Wade, Chief Marketing Officer, Deer Valley Credit Union

Before & After

Use the slider below to see the before and after design.