Connect Credit Union Facebook Campaigns

A targeted social media strategy for this Florida credit union

Connect Credit Union hired ZAG to enhance and introduce social media strategies to mix in with its existing traditional marketing efforts. On an ongoing basis, this includes a mix of unique social media ad types to build up followers, increase awareness, and bring more new users to their website, ZAG also helps the credit union understand the value of social media and look for strategic ways to achieve its marketing goals.

increase in page likes

A ‘Page Likes Ad’ helped to encourage existing members and fans to follow the credit union on Facebook. ZAG used Facebook’s expanded audience targeting to reach their entire member footprint for all of their ads. Several image-based ads were also used to showcase promotions both within the existing member community and beyond to attract potential members as well as target unique promotions at existing members. Custom link tracking is used to track users’ journey from the specific social platform to Connect CU’s website. This helps ZAG understand which social platforms users are coming from and for what promotions.

ZAG has seen an increase in followers of the Connect CU on social media and with that an increase in digital engagement and website visits overall with the introduction of social media marketing. Since working with ZAG:

  • Page likes have grown by 44%.
  • 6,927 link clicks directly from social campaigns.
  • 3,431 new users visited the website directly from social.
  • Social media accounts for about 20% of the overall traffic to the website compared to only 3% prior to working with ZAG.

Overall the ongoing social campaigns have shown to increase awareness, generate interest in the credit union and bring more new users and potential members to the website in a competitive marketplace.

How We Helped
Using Facebook ads to drive awareness, generate followers and bring more users to the website.