Coastal Credit Union Custom Analytics

Creating an analytics strategy to track website engagement  

As a large North Carolina credit union, Coastal Credit Union receives an average of hundreds of thousands of unique website visitors per month. The credit union was looking for a way to quantitatively track engagement after their website redesign, including the usage of their new life stage-based solutions finder. The institution also wanted to track all third-party applications in one Google Analytics property, which were previously tracked separately.

Implementing a custom analytics strategy

ZAG used Google Tag Manager to add triggers to all major website touchpoints, including the website’s new solutions finder tool. Interactions with these touchpoints were tracked in Google Analytics as individual events. ZAG also provided reference documentation for the credit union to better understand their reporting.

Tracking activity on third-party application sites

By enabling cross-domain tracking settings in Google Tag Manager and working with the credit union’s vendors to implement their tracking code, ZAG was able to connect website sessions and clicks from the institution’s website to third-party applications. This allows for Coastal Credit Union’s marketing team to track campaign conversions from specific tactics – like paid keywords and social campaigns - through the application funnel, to better monitor ROI.

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Monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs)

Custom analytics tracking allows Coastal Credit Union to track key performance indicators (KPIs) that are important to the institution. Tracking and custom events provide Coastal Credit Union with better insight as to which digital strategies are performing well, and how to optimize for results. For example:

  • With custom analytics tracking, Coastal Credit Union can monitor the unique submissions through the site’s solutions finder tool. About ¼ of those clicks lead to a visitor visiting a recommended product page or article, or signing up to receive ongoing emails, which indicates that the tool is helping support engagement and conversion.

  • The credit union knows that how many clicks the website receives on “Apply” links each month, 2/3 of which come from organic search. This helps the institution understand the impact of its SEO efforts and usage of its online applications.

  • Custom scroll analytics show that while only a small percentage of visitors scroll all the way to the bottom of their home page, those who do are 41% more likely to complete an online application with a third party. This is another indication of engagement.


How We Helped
Custom analytics tracking allows this credit union to track KPIs and ultimately ROI.