Centreville Bank

A website for banking the way customers want

Serving Rhode Island since 1828, Centreville Bank is a trusted resource for its local community. Honoring its history but focused on the future, Centreville knew it was time to upgrade its website to deliver a modern, holistic experience for customers. The new website helps visitors understand financial products, features self-service tools and more - living up to the bank’s ‘banking the way you want’ tagline.

Creating an intuitive journey for customers

The new sitemap is structured to enhance usability, appeal to Centreville’s distinct audiences, make it easy for visitors to find what they're looking for, as well as highlight the bank’s key priorities. Focused on education and its community, these initiatives drove the design strategy. Flexible page layouts offer defined space for related resources, product positioning, life stage and lifestyle content, events and more.

increase in unique page views

Making financial solutions more relatable

With an enhanced site strategy and a focus on financial resources, the new website makes it easier for Centreville’s audiences to understand their options and make the best decision based on their goals. Strategic use of real-life photography and engaging iconography make a relatable connection between customer needs and financial solutions. Utilizing relatable copy, bullets and other forms of digestible content, the site makes it even easier for customers to understand the features and benefits of Centreville’s products, how they support their needs and what the next steps are.

Improving the customer journey and conversions

Integrating the bank’s refreshed brand colors and elements, the new website introduces a modernized look and feel while assigning visual hierarchy to the different site components. ZAG created a mobile responsive design that is also ADA conformant to ensure a unified, accessible experience for all visitors on any device. Strong calls to action, embedded contact forms, and effectively designed destination landing pages help focus the user on the messaging and next steps. Based on local keyword research, the SEO strategy helps attract quality traffic from search engines to the site. Additionally, the site balances a combination of content types – from product information and education to tools, such as financial calculators. The new site now appeals to audiences at various stages in the decision-making process, helping to guide visitors along the consumer journey.

Delivering enhanced features and technology

The new website is built on the Kentico CMS, offering robust out-of-the-box features and capabilities for customization. This allowed for the design and development of a website that was unique to Centreville, helping the Bank stand out from its competition. Allowing for seamless sitewide updates, the website features custom rates management and locations management tools. ZAG also created a site tour to familiarize first-time visitors with everything the site now offers.

Combining efforts from ZAG’s strategy, design, marketing and development teams, the new website is built for success and will support this growing bank now and in the future.

Before & After

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