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Capital Credit Union, a North Dakota community-based credit union, strives to provide its members with the resources they need to succeed. Committed to this mission and invested in growth, the credit union went through a rebrand to modernize its image and stay current with the changing times and trends. In alignment with this initiative, Capital Credit Union hired ZAG Interactive to redesign its website and create a consistently branded experience that empowers members and fosters financial growth.

Setting a strategic foundation

To understand project goals and begin to develop a strategy, a discovery session was held between the project teams at ZAG and Capital Credit Union. This initial collaboration helped identify key initiatives that would guide the project, from strategy to development. Capital Credit Union’s vision included creating a modern, responsive design that would work well on all devices, revealing and representing the new brand, while improving the navigation and usability, communicating competitive differences and guiding members toward their goals. As an initial step, ZAG performed an audit of the existing site structure to identify opportunities to consolidate, expand, and improve. ZAG then recommended an enhanced site architecture and strategy for the new Capital Credit Union website that met goals and created scalability, and created a solid foundation for the design strategy.

Designing for the brand and business

To bring out Capital Credit Union’s brand attributes of being passionate, trustworthy, knowledgeable, and accessible, ZAG created a refreshed, responsive design for the new website that was also ADA conformant. The credit union’s brand colors were used strategically to establish a clean design that highlights important elements, including calls to action. Authentic imagery captures relatable, real-life moments that engage users. Additionally, contextual financial resources, such as FAQs, calculators and financial tips, provide valuable insights to help visitors manage their money. The new design also included testimonials to provide reliable examples of positive member experiences with the credit union. These individual elements work together to create a cohesive site experience that successfully captures the Capital Credit Union brand, supports member needs, and achieves business objectives.

increase in organic search traffic (year over year)

Creating valuable content and visibility

Seeking to represent the new brand, strengthen SEO, strategically position products and drive conversions, a new copywriting strategy was a fundamental part of the redesign project. Working closely with Capital Credit Union, ZAG’s team developed new content that communicated important information in easily-digestible formats, such as comparison charts and bullet points. To ensure the website content would be valuable for search engine optimization, ZAG’s copywriters also incorporated keywords and phrases based on research and best practices. In conjunction with this, ZAG’s marketing team developed a custom SEO strategy for the site.

Developing an empowering website experience in Kentico

To facilitate website updates and ongoing content management, the website was built on the Kentico CMS. Built-in capabilities within Kentico’s platform, combined with custom development such as rates management and locations management tools, resulted in a robust, user-friendly experience for visitors and administrators. A website tour was also included on the homepage for first-time visitors, making it easier for them to find what they are looking for and explore the new features and functionality.

We really enjoyed working with ZAG through this whole process. Our website development went smoothly and we were always kept well informed with what was happening. Our representative was very knowledgeable and helpful. We had frequent check-ins to keep the dialogue flowing between our team and ZAG. Our website turned out wonderfully and we would definitely use ZAG again in the future.
Kimberly Gietzen, Design & Marketing Specialist, Capital Credit Union
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The new website successfully reflects the refreshed brand and supports both business and member growth, and will serve this credit union for years to come.
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